Parly motions, football, blood bikers and chutney

Friday September 22nd 2023


Christine Grahame MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View

I was in the fortunate position recently to welcome two groups to the Parliament both of which I met in Penicuik.

The First of these was James Robertson, Chairperson, and Fraser Bertram and Vice Chair, of Penicuik Athletic who were both at Parly to collect framed copies of Parly motions I had put down. These congratulated PAYFC on sending football strips (pre-loved) to Malawi. They had a lovely photo of a beaming Malawi football team sporting Penicuik strips.

We also had a grand chat about facilities and with 500 young people engaged in football, finding a permanent home for them is key. I hope we can take this forward.

Then there were the Blood Bikers. I came across them at Penicuik in the Park this summer when I stopped by many of the stalls. The service they provide, delivering medicines to households, care homes and even GP practices free of charge, is a hidden gem.

They brought a shiny bike to the Parly and MSPs had the opportunity to have a photo astride them. I did of course! You will have guessed that there was a lengthy queue of MSPs for a piccie but it also gave the biker men the opportunity to inform politicians of their work. Fortunately, the sun shone so this was all out in the Parly garden.

Speaking of which there are apple trees there which together with the help of the Parly bees had a huge crop this year. These do not go to waste but go to the cooks who make them into chutney which is sold in the Parly shop.

This past week however I have been limited to working from home as I came down with some strange lurgy. I kept indoors as it seemed to have many of the credentials of covid and folk have been falling down right left and centre with that. I have taken a test and it has come out negative but I’m still feeling a bit ropey and keeping clear of folk.

That’s why you won’t have seen me at my recent TESCO Penicuik surgery where Debbie McCall stood in for me. However, though I appear to be in the clear with covid raising its ugly head again there is no harm in making sure you keep hands sanitised and wiping down shopping trolleys and if you at entitled to the vaccine do take it.

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