Penicuik Ward Candidates

Wednesday May 3rd 2017

Penicuik Candidates Local Election 2017

Here are all the candidates standing in the Penicuik ward. Three candidates will be elected as councillors. The methood of voting differs in a Local Election so click HERE for a quick reminder.

Ken Brown local council elctions Liberal Democrat

Ken Brown – Liberal Democrats

I am an incomer to Penicuik, 28 years ago married to a Penicuik girl for 26 years, I have made an effort to get involved with the local community.

I have been a member of the Penicuik Historical society for 27 years and I am now the treasurer.

I was also a member of the Penicuik Bridge club for over 20 years.

At present I am on the Board of the YMCA as treasurer and so I get an insight as to what can be done to help children and also adults.

I am vice-chairman of the Penicuik & District Community Council. I was chairman but handed over to a younger person at the last AGM.

I was elected as a Midlothian councillor 10 years ago and worked for the benefit of the people of Penicuik and Midlothian for 5 years.

My main hobbies are history and playing golf.

I feel I am ready to stand again especially with the way that politics is going.

I also have concerns about the number of houses being built in Midlothian and the impact it will have on services like schools, medical
practices and the road infrastructure which will be hit.

James Garry

James Garry – Greens

I have lived in Midlothian for almost thirty years having moved here to work on children’s farm education projects around the Bush estate.

I am committed to the belief that local decisions should be made by local people. Residents must have a real say over local developments and we need more transparency from all councillors so they can be held accountable for the decisions they make.

Our more vulnerable community members have right to enjoy some dignity and the council must protect essential care services, community facilities and leisure and green spaces.

I passionately believe in safer streets and will fight for 20mph in all Midlothian’s urban and rural residential areas, longer time for people with disabilities to cross the road, improved and better integrated bus services, proper space for cyclists on roads and well maintained pavements for pedestrians.

I would push for all new public and private housing to be energy efficient and for retro-fitting of insulation to existing housing stock reducing carbon emissions, lowering household bills and reducing fuel poverty.

I am an environmental professional by training and have worked for most of my life with public bodies and councils in and around the Central Belt. I now work as an Assistant Director for Scotland’s oldest heritage charity.

With election policies and promises being rapidly discarded by the ‘mainstream’ Scottish parties in a self-interested grab for power, I believe, more than ever, that local politics should be about local issues and the interests of local people. It should not be about big party political issues. That is why I am a Scottish Green and that is how the Scottish Greens will represent Midlothian residents in May 2017.

The Scottish Green Party is the real alternative. VOTE FOR THE SCOTTISH GREEN PARTY and for a better, brighter future for Midlothian!

Scottish Conservatives Council Elections 2017 Andrew Hardie

Andrew Hardie – Conservatives

Andrew has lived in Penicuik all his life, and knows that our community needs a strong voice so that we get the services we deserve. He served in the Royal Navy Reserve and currently works in the financial sector, he has previously stood for the council and has been a candidate for the Scottish Parliament.

Andrew enjoys the countryside of Midlothian and believes that we need to do more to enhance the natural beauty of our county along with improving the infrastructure and services our council deliver. He can bring experience, determination and will work hard to improve Midlothian .

SNP Local Election 2017 Debbi McCall

Debbi McCall – SNP

I moved from the Southside of Edinburgh to Penicuik 16 years ago with my daughter and have enjoyed being active in the community ever since. I’m a passionate advocate for social justice and was a volunteer at Penicuik Citizens Advice Bureau. This led to paid employment within Welfare Rights and I have also undertaken Court Representation prior to my current post within a Housing Association.

I have also been at the sharp end of Tribunal Representation, taking on the then Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Iain Duncan Smith and enjoyed a high success rate for my clients, most of whom had a disability or were homeless or under threat of homelessness.

I have seen firsthand how the Tory Government’s Welfare Reforms have impacted on the most vulnerable members of community and how the SNP at Holyrood has managed to mitigate some of these reforms, such as the Bedroom tax.

I am looking forward to using my experience to help the people of Penicuik.

Scottish Labour Local Elections 2017 Adam Montgomery

Adam Montgomery – Labour

My campaign, PENICUIK LABOUR – PENICUIK FIRST, is based on my commitment to our community over 4 decades and a record of delivery for all people and groups during my time as a councillor.
Over the years I have been involved in delivering around £40 million of investment into our town including:
– The Penicuik Leisure Centre
– New Cuiken and Strathesk primary schools.
– New council housing at Ladywood & Cuiken
– Refurbishment of the Town Hall
– Public park improvements
– Stadium for Penicuik Athletic
– Astro turf pitch
– Floodlights for Penicuik Rugby Club & Penicuik Athletic
– Floodlit skate park
– Replacement roofs for Beeslack and Penicuik High schools
– Bog Road changing rooms
– Goals for Penicuik Athletic Youth FC
– Funds for the tennis courts at the YMCA

Recently I have committed my local funding to outdoor fitness facilities at Cornbank and Sacred Heart Primary Schools and emergency grant aid to Marchburn Playgroup when the current administration cut their grant.

I am on the management committee of the Broomhill Day Centre and have been involved with this excellent organisation since 1986 when I was first elected.

Coaching an Eskmill Boys Club football team for 10 years was really enjoyable as was 2 years with a team from Penicuik High.

At present the plan is that Beeslack High will be re-sited nearer to Loanhead and I am stating clearly that that this is unacceptable. The school should be rebuilt on site with pupils being relocated to Penicuik High if necessary and if I am re-elected I will continue to put this forward.

At my request Heriot Watt University carried out a detailed study on the feasibility of a Penicuik rail link and I will continue to campaign for this much needed public transport provision, which would greatly reduce congestion and pollution on the roads to and from our town .

I have lived in Penicuik for 36 years with my 3 children attending primary & secondary schools here while my wife was born in our town – I HAVE PENICUIK IN MY HEART AND SOUL and I am proud to represent our community – It would be a privilege to continue to do so.

SNP Local Election 2017 Joe Wallace

Joe Wallace – SNP

I am a resident of Penicuik and have three grown up sons and five grandchildren.

Before I retired I was an electrician to trade but I come from a long line of miners. My grandfathers, father and brother all worked underground.
My decision to stand again for Midlothian Council is motivated by my long held belief in social justice and fairness which I consider to be a part of Scottish culture but which has come under fierce attack from an uncaring right wing UK Government. I am determined to work for a more just and equitable society, for residents across Penicuik and Midlothian.

Like many Penicuik residents, when I was first elected I had great concerns regarding the town centre. I am delighted to have been able to be a part of the efforts to revitalise the area keep up the pace of continuing this work in the next Council.

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