Peter Smaill is elected as new Provost

Tuesday May 8th 2018

Peter Smaill Midlothian Provost

Conservative Councillor Peter Smaill has been elected as Midlothian’s new Provost.

The election of Provost was called after the death of Labour councillor and Provost, Councilor Adam Montgomery in January.

There were two candidates for the position of Provost. Councillor Peter Smaill, elected in last year’s local elections who was previously chair of the Midlothian Audit Committee and SNP Councillor Joe Wallace who was the Provost until May of last year and who was re-elected to the council in March. The Labour party did not put forward a candidate.

Councillor Peter Smaill received 7 votes and Councillor Wallace 5 votes. There were seventeen councillors present for the election.

Councillor Margot Russell who has been acting Provost since January now reverts to her previous position as Deputy Provost.

On acceptance to his post Councillor Smaill said:

“It is a great honour to be elected Provost and I hope I will prove worthy of this post.

“I also want to pay tribute to Councillor Adam Montgomery who was always keen that there should be healthy debate within the chamber and also within the council. I am keen that that continues.”

The Provost Chairs the full Council Meeting and acts as the council’s Civic Head at ceremonial, formal and other important occasions.

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