Petition to get legal highs off Dalkeith High Street

Thursday March 12th 2015

Legal Highs Petition Dalkeith

Local campaigners have launched a petition to get legal highs off Dalkeith High Street.

Angered that legal highs are on sale on Dalkeith High Street the campaigners have launched a petition worded as follows

“We support, and we ask the next MP for Midlothian to support, Midlothian Council’s motion calling upon the incoming UK Government to speed up the process of bringing in new legislation to deal with new psychoactive substances – commonly known as legal highs. Users of these drugs need advice and support. We also oppose the sale of these chemicals on Dalkeith High Street and ask the owners of Vaped Out Ltd to cease selling the substances.”

Labour MP hopeful Kenny Young has signed the petition, saying “This is a really important campaign, and I am very happy to support the efforts of local campaigners on this, and would be pleased to offer my ongoing support if elected as our area’s Labour MP”.

The petition can be found HERE

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