‘Please do the right thing on the 4th of July’

Thursday June 13th 2024

Rishi Sunak - BBC

This letter has been written by a Midlothian View reader.

If there was ever any doubt that Ritchie Rich (Sunak) was out of touch there can’t be any more.

It is not because he and his wife are richer than the king, I think to be prime minister you need to have some experience of dealing with money, it is not because he went to one of the more expensive private schools, again you want someone well educated for the job.

It is that he didn’t think there would be a backlash from the country, when world leaders from most countries involved in world war II (including Germany, attended Normandy to celebrate the D-DAY landings, Sunak “skived off” early to continue campaigning.

At the interview, when asked about hardship and sacrifice, he bleated that growing up he didn’t have Sky TV. I’m sure parents who are putting children to bed early and hungry because they cant afford to feed them and are rationing energy felt so sorry for him.

Lets be honest it is a straight choice between Labour and the Tories to see who will form the next government, a vote for anyone else be it SNP, Liberal democrats or reform could hand the tories another 5 years.

If your grandparents or great-grand parents fought in world war II. Or if you know someone struggling with the cost of living, please do the right thing on the 4th of July


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