Provost reacts to delay of Sheriffhall upgrade

Thursday February 27th 2020

Sheriffhall Roundabout

Letter written by Councillor Peter Smaill, Provost

Dear Midlothian View

Your readers are likely alarmed, as are most Councillors, at the announcement that the much-needed upgrade of the infamous Sheriffhall Roundabout on the A720 City Bypass is likely to be delayed. There is, over ten years after the upgrade was agreed, to be a further report to assess environmental impact.

This deal by the SNP and Greens makes the opening uncertain. Since the SNP government has forced on Midlothian the obligation to build thousands of new homes, it is wholly inconsistent with Midlothian’s agreed development plans for the SNP government to jettison the Sheriffhall commitment.

In environmental terms the Green lobby is seeking to use severe congestion as a policy tool to discourage motorists- harshly effective whether in electric, hybrid or petrol vehicles. But sitting or crawling through low gears on the bypass is surely carbon emissions worse, than free flowing traffic?

I call on Colin Beattie MSP to oppose this ill considered move which is contrary to the interests of Midlothian residents. If he does not then we will have a measure of his much his party the SNP actually cares about Midlothian. They prefer virtue signalling to getting traffic moving!


Councillor Peter Smaill

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