Railway, Labour and Tam Dalyell

Tuesday February 28th 2017

Christine Grahame MSP in Parliament Main

Christine Grahame MSP, Midlothian South, Tweeddale and Lauderdale

That Penicuik railway

I see Councillor Adam Montgomery is leafletting Penicuik with plans for a railway from Penicuik in some way linking to the Borders line. Give him credit that he first mooted this some years ago. He then based the feasibility of this on a report by some Heriot Watt students. I wrote last year and asked him for a copy of the report but it seems he has none to spare or he hasn’t read my first or indeed follow –up e-mails.

I also wrote to the then Labour Shadow Transport Minister ( before Labour lost its position as main opposition to the Tories ) Sarah Boyack (twice) but similarly did not even receive an acknowledgement. Interestingly he is still quoting a cost from 2013 as current day cost. To add insult to injury not one of his small number (and shrinking) colleagues in the Scottish Parliament has ever mentioned it at any time especially in the budget proposals.

So what are we to deduce from this? Could it be that labour are just saying anything for the sake of votes? Heaven forfend!

Kezia (Abandoned) Dugdale and Jeremy (Accident prone) Corbyn.

While I have my firepower aimed at local labour let’s look at those two leaders. Now I like Kezia as a person but she’s chosen a rotten hand to play in trying to rescue kamikaze labour. No sooner has she announced plans for a Federal UK than Brian (bring me nuclear power) Wilson puts in his tuppence worth and rubbishes it. Jeremy does not mention it in his Labour Conference speech but does manage to mispronounce Tam Dalyell’s name and calls the Scottish saltire the salter!

To that car crash add the suggestion that Gordon (he of the VOW) Brown should chair a constitutional convention (whit! Another!) and really Labour are lucky that Trump provides the odd diversion.

Tam (tenacious) Dalyell

Speaking of Tam, he was a politician I admired. Indeed because of my campaign about Megrahi whom I believed and still do, was wrongly convicted I picked up the phone one night to find him the caller thanking me for keeping going. Keeping going I learned from him when he would not shut up about the sinking of the Belgrano during the Falklands war. He went on and on about it when we were all “Belgrannoed “out. But he was right. That’s why I will not give up on the Megrahi case.

On giving up.

To date I have sponsored three different puppies under the Guide Dog for the Blind sponsorship scheme. I can’t now recall the name of the first puppy to fail but next it was Yazmin. Both apparently had difficulty in concentrating and were easily distracted. Given I have a bit of that reputation myself I have concerns for puppy three, Felix. I fear he has the Christine curse upon him. Let’s see if he bucks the trend.

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