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Friday February 1st 2019

Midlothian Council

Midlothian Council has produced a document detailing the scale of cuts to council services which will be discussed by councillors at the Full Council meeting on Tuesday 12th February.

The scale of the financial challenge facing the public sector continues to grow. The impact of the anticipated funding cuts on Council services across Midlothian will be substantial – as the fastest growing local authority in Scotland, Midlothian is faced with the challenges of a rapidly growing and ageing population together with the increasing demand for services that this will bring.

Savings delivered to date have been achieved through a series of service reviews, reducing the number of managers and staff employed, reducing offices and other property needs and changing the way services are purchased services.

However, continuing with changes like these will not be enough on their own to address the financial challenge.

As reported to Council the reduction in government funding for next financial year, 2019/20 contributes to a budget shortfall for the Council of £11.522 million. Based on current estimates, this is expected to reach £41.728 million by 2022/23.

The Council has developed a change programme incorporating a number of initiatives aimed at bridging this shortfall. This includes increasing Council Tax by the maximum of 3% per annum currently permitted by Scottish Government as part of the grant settlement.

Here is the list of proposed cuts:

– Reduce Central Education Management Staff
– Creative Arts Team Reduction
– Move to statutory consultation on Glencorse Primary School
– Move to statutory consultation for Denominational Review
– Stop free Primary 4 school swimming
– Redesign of Devolved School Management (DSM)
– LLE service reduction
– Reduction in Adult Learning LLE Workforce
– Youth Work reductions in LLE
– Reduce subsidy for school lets (ASC)
– Reduce budget on School Transport
– Reduction in Educational Psychologists
– Employ fewer Learning assistants for ASL pupils
– Reduce LLE to only statutory provision

– Non Hub Libraries (Dalkeith, Gorebridge, Newtongrange)

– Removal of Community Safety Team
– Cessation of Midlothian Community Policing Team

– School Crossing Guides (option 2)
– Reduce road maintenance spending on gully cleaning
– Reduce road maintenance spending
– Introduce and/or increase car park charges
– Removal of support for bus travel
– Removal/Reduction of Community Transport funding
– Stop all support to Galas and events
– Close Buccleuch Bowling Green, Dalkeith
– Reduce grass cutting standards
– Reduce shrub bed maintenance
– Maximise Income from Vogrie Estate
– Close Penicuik Recycling Centre
– Taxi Card Cessation
– Close Vogrie Golf Course
– Extend the collection frequencies of the residual waste

– Service Improvement Plans/Business Processes/Service Reduction
– Contract for Webcasting in Chamber not renewed

– Close Public Toilets
– Cleaning Schools reduced by 20%
– Cleaning non-Education Buildings reduced by 40%
– PPP closed during holidays
– Non-housing maintenance
– Standalone Leisure Centres closed – Danderhall LC
– Standalone Leisure Centres closed – Gorebridge LC
– Standalone Leisure Centres closed – Newtongrange LC
– Sports Development – removal of Healthy Lifestyle Development Team
– Stop Active Schools
– Stop free swimming during holidays
– Management Team
– Sport & Leisure Bottom-up Service Review

The document which you can READ HERE provides an overview of the proposed measures which are required to be made to address the budget challenge for 2019/20 and the projected budget shortfalls for future years as part of the Council’s strategy to maintain financial sustainability.

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