Rececca Fraser is standing on three key pledges

Monday December 2nd 2019


Rebecca Fraser, Conservative candidate speaking at the Midlothian Hustings. Photography by Lee Live: Photographer

Written by Midlothian Conservative Councillor Andrew Hardie

Conservative candidate Rececca Fraser is standing on three key pledges. To respect the result of the 2016 referendum and get Brexit done, to stop Nicola Sturgeon’s Scexit referendum, and to bring jobs and prosperity to Midlothian.

This has been a very different election to what we are used to in Midlothian. Firstly, because it is taking place in the run up to Christmas with dark nights and colder days, and secondly because it is the first time in many years that Midlothian has been a genuine three way marginal seat.

There were less than 5,000 votes separating Labour, SNP and Conservatives in 2017, when we increased our vote by 13.5% and over 1 in 4 voters in Midlothian cast their votes for the Scottish Conservatives.

Last time round, Labour pulled off a surprise win on the back of a strong performance in the council elections, but this time, everything has changed.

We now face a weak and rudderless Labour Party which has both sold out to Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP and put our Union on the table as a bargaining chip. A party mired in an ongoing anti-Semitism scandal who have no coherent policy on the most important issue facing us, Brexit. Not to forget an eye watering programme of tax rises, un-costed spending sprees and nationalisation, and a leader who simply isn’t up to the job.

Or the SNP, who have done so much to damage the fabric of our communities not only with their divisive nationalism which has allowed our public services to go to the wall whilst they myopically chase their only real interest: breaking up the U.K. Be it Education, crime or the NHS, Sturgeon and her band have failed Scotland while time and again while breaking a solemn promise to respect the 2014 referendum on independence- in issue overwhelmingly rejected by the residents of Midlothian.

It’s really no wonder that right across the county, we are finding lifelong Labour voters who are lending us their vote to get Brexit done and dusted, to stop Indyref2 and to grow our economy, and SNP supporters who wonder what the point of independence is when the SNP would gladly transfer powers which are being returned to the us back to Brussels.

We have a wonderful candidate in Rebecca Fraser, who knows how important stability and economic growth are to the area, and wants to look to the future, unlike her Labour and SNP rivals who instead of looking forward to 2020 want to revisit the division of 2016 and 2014.

The Conservatives have already delivered for Midlothian: Personal Income Tax allowances now stand at £12,500, business taxes have been reduced to 19%, super fast broadband continues to be rolled out and City Deals have been agreed for all parts of Scotland. While on the Council have brought forward plans to protect local libraries and expand Post Office provision, taken action on fraud by making the Council’s spending public, toughened the Councils policies on littering and fly tipping, supported extra Police for our communities, as well as constructively working across party on issues ranging from weed killing, to moving towards a paperless Council.

The Scottish Conservatives have also announced £200m from the U.K. Government to fund Scottish GP services, introduce an Australian style immigration system to manage a balanced workforce and have pledged not to raise National Insurance or VAT. This is on top of the Millions of Pounds the UK Government has committed to Midlothian as part of the East of Scotland City Deal.

The Conservatives have the best chance of winning Midlothian in living memory. We ask that you lend us your vote to elect a hard working MP who will vote to end the uncertainty and allow us to move forward together to a better future.

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