Recess and Westminster

Monday July 30th 2018

Christine Grahame MSP in Parliament


Recess and there is time to look over all the current cases, some 100, to make sure nothing has slipped though the net. It can happen simply due to volume but touch wood it seems to be OK. Of course my hard-working staff are on well-deserved breaks so with the pace dropping a little it means we can keep up to date.

Replies from third parties such as the Council or the NHS are also slow to come in as staff there also take a summer break. This is no bad thing because since the advent of the e-mail we all expect a quick response.

My Proposed Member’s Bill on Responsible Dog Ownership (out to consultation ) closed at Midnight on the 30th July but my office will accept late arrivals-so long as they are not too late. After that we look at the responses and following that a summary of these will be published.

Next step is the draft Bill. The aim is to reduce people buying on-line (yes they do that! ) or from Puppy Farms (horrendous factories where bitches are bred mercilessly, and puppies are mere commodities, often sick and badly socialised). It’s grim for the bitches, the puppies and the owners who often end up heartbroken as the puppy deteriorates.


As you know Westminster has just broken up for recess as it follows the English school term. It leaves behind the debris of Brexit and the callousness of Universal Credit.

The Tories have got away with Blue Murder as Jeremy Corbyn’s team might as well be AWOL. On Brexit they have nothing to say, just a wait and see game, because they are just as divided as the Tories. They supported austerity and incidentally the UK National Debt grows by the second –Google the UK Debt Clock – so the pain of a decade of austerity has been for nothing.

They support the continuation of Trident. The Ministry of Defence’s budget for Trident 2016/17 is a planned £35 billion, increasing every year to 2020/21 when it is estimated to be almost £40 billion. The annual operating costs of Trident are expected to be around 5% to 6% of this every year, or around £2 billion. Billions! You couldn’t make it up. Think of the NHS staff, the schools, the road repairs, the houses that money could buy. Think of the jobs created in delivering those road, houses and so on.

Not only is Trident costly, it is an immoral weapon of mass destruction. Of course it’s been plonked well away from the South East , in Scotland (we are handy for some things) some 20 or so miles from our largest city. It remains a mystery to me why we Scots put up with so much. On Brexit we voted 62 % Remain. The majority oppose Trident. There are only 13 Tory MPs from Scotland but we have Tory rule. What will it take for us to break free of the dead hand of this Union? Perhaps if there is a No Deal and medicines and food becomes rationed? I’m not even holding my breath on that one.

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