Recess what recess?

Wednesday August 29th 2018

Christine Grahame MSP in Parliament

Ok if anyone ask me again when “we go back “ or when “my holiday ends” I will explode.

Not literally of course though that is the most abused word in the English language. Just start counting how often it is used by all and sundry. I literally walked 5 miles. You walked 5 miles you don’t need “literally”. I am literally exhausted. You are very tired!

Ok that’s off my chest. Back to “when do you go back”? Actually though Parly has not been sitting I have not been away. Literally.

You see I don’t “do” holidays. I take my foot off the work pedal a bit, I may go home a bit earlier than usual and make the odd foray to Glasgow and do family things but other than that frankly the work goes on.

It is a mystery to me what folk did before the Parly arrived on the scene. E-mails continue to flood in from folk with all sorts of problems: some big, some frankly small by comparison. The internet has helped of course because with a few taps of the keyboard it’s on my desk where it has to be prioritised due to volume.

Anyhoo that apart there is the chance to visit out and about in this large constituency running from Melrose and the Eildon Hills to just outside Dolphinton and the Pentlands.

There is so much going on through the volunteering sector that is unseen and unsung and incredibly essential: Bright Sparks at Bonnyrigg, which helps with children from zero to eighteen and even beyond with additional needs. Started by a mum ( who has become a whizz at securing funding out of necessity) and run by parents and carers it is aptly named.

There is MYPAS (Midlothian Young Peoples Advice Service) which helps young folk in all kinds of difficulties: alcohol, drugs, behavioural problems through drop-ins, counselling and so on. It also supports families as does Bright Sparks.

That is just a passing mention because in my 19 years as an MSP I am still learning and discovering all the good projects and work delivered through volunteering.

It is not for want of trying but as I said there is so much going on from the small to the quite ambitious such as the Trusts redeveloping the station properties at Gorebridge and Newtongrange. These are two biggies and on the smaller side there are the efforts of the Station Adopters, and here particular mention of the Adopters at Gorebridge: Ann Maher and Brian Paterson the only two apart from some occasional volunteers who keep them looking so braw and of all the stations floral Gorebridge is tops. The troughs are spilling over with plants and the idea to have some sponsored was a brain wave. There is even a waiting list. However there is not a waiting list to keep them neat and tidy so of you contact my office then I’ll put you in touch with the team. Now as I am famished I’m off to eat anything I can lay my hands on. Not literally.

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