Rosslyn Men’s Shed

Thursday September 14th 2017

Mens shed

Written by Jim Hiddleston

A public meeting is being held in Rosslyn Bowling Club on Wednesday 20th September at 7:00pm to gauge interest in starting a new men’s group in the village.

Jason Schroeder, Chief Executive, Scottish Men’s Shed Association will be the guest speaker.

Initial funding of £500 has been agreed by Midlothian Council to hopefully get the project off the ground.

So what is a Men’s Shed?

In a nutshell a Scottish Men’s Shed is a permanent meeting place where lots of good community and healthy ‘self and group determined’ experiences take place. They take place by ‘everyday’ people with ‘time on their hands’ willing to act with the skills they already have within their local community.

The ‘place’ (many different types of buildings = the Shed) which is used for many different activities is run by a volunteer group (the Shed committee) for themselves and other men over the age of eighteen (usually) who have ‘time of their hands’, want to get out to socialise (chat and put the world to rights, sometimes) and maybe also do something (build/repair/up-cycle/create/learn/mentor) in between the socialising in an alcohol free and welcoming environment.

The Scottish Mens’s Shed is for all men who have ‘time on their hands’ who might want to lead active lives, make a difference and build their communities into something better. It has older men and younger men, unemployed and employed, skilled and unskilled. It has a value system of: ‘we value you for who you are, not what you do or what you have done.

If you have skills that’s a bonus but not a prerequisite to become a Shedder!

Everyone by virtue of experiencing life has value and something to share.

Men tend to talk side by side and not face to face. They talk whilst they are doing something and that is what Men’s Shed is all about.

For further information contact Jim Hiddleston on 0131 440 0696

For more information on men’s Sheds got to

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