Scotland’s “Curry King” condemns Manchester suicide bombing

Friday May 26th 2017

Matin Khan Midlothian Bangladeshi Restaurateur Main

Scotland’s “Curry King” has issued a fierce condemnation of the Manchester suicide bombing, calling it “a barbaric atrocity against all humanity which must be repudiated by every Muslim.”

Matin Khan, a prominent Muslim who owns and runs Bangladeshi restaurants in Midlothian’s Dalkeith and Loanhead, said he had been unable to sleep since Monday’s attack.

“There is no place in any decent society for such cruelty,” said Mr Khan, who has made the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, the most holy city of Muslims. “The Manchester attack is particularly tragic as it was targeted against defenceless young people.“

“For a true Muslim, killing even one other human being is an attack on all humanity. This mass murder has to be condemned in the strongest terms by those of all religions and of none. It has no place in our faith.”

Earlier this month Mr Khan’s Itihaas restaurant in Dalkeith was voted Scotland’s best curry restaurant. In 2014 he was named Scotland’s Curry Chef of the Year. He moved to the UK from his native Bangladesh as a teenager.

In 2014 he organised a demonstration in Edinburgh against so-called Islamic State at which local MSP Colin Beattie also spoke.

Commenting on Mr Khan’s statement Mr Beattie said

“The tragedy which took place in Manchester touches us all. We need to stand together against extremists and those who would attack our way of life and our cherished values. Mr Khan expresses well the disgust which all Scots feel at those who seek to carry out such senseless acts of murder on our young people. We will be strong and united in defeating these enemies of humanity”.

This week Mr Khan was elected as Midlothian Council’s third religious representative.

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