Scottish Conservative Council Election Candidates

Tuesday April 18th 2017

Scottish Conservatives Council Elections 2017 Peter Smaill

Peter Smaill – Midlothian East

I am standing so that voters can send a message to the nationalists: forget a second referendum and put Midlothian first. The SNP Government is cutting our funding in real terms, so efficiency is the main way to protect services.

With over four years experience as Chair of the Audit Committee of our Council, I want to offer the insights gained to the electors so that a cost-conscious Midlothian maintains key activities. Now that Council Tax is being raised, voters will be looking to avoid waste, and ensure responsible levels of housing development with better infrastructure planned in advance.

Scottish Conservatives Council Elections 2017 Kieran Munro

Kieran Munro – Midlothian South

Politics has been exceptionally divisive as of late and our county desperately requires new leadership. The SNP have proven that, with them, constitutional argument will always come first. Labour are too internally divided themselves to govern effectively but there is another option. By voting for me to be your councillor, even if you have never voted conservative before, your community’s priorities will come first, every single time.

I’ll work for all constituents and keep you informed at community meetings, mailings and surgeries.

A vote for me is a vote to put Midlothian first.

Scottish Conservatives Council Elections 2017 Pauline Winchester

Pauline Winchester – Midlothian West

After five years of an SNP led council in Midlothian we now need Councillors who will put the needs of residents first. By selecting me as a Councillor for Midlothian West you will not only get someone who attends Council meetings, but who also attends every Community Council meeting possible. I am keen to engage fully with the electorate and intend to provide regular newsletters and surgeries. I will also work tirelessly for all the residents, not only for those of you who vote for me. Please give me your first vote to put Midlothian first.

Scottish Conservatives Council Elections 2017 Andrew Hardie

Andrew Hardie – Penicuik

Andrew has lived in Penicuik all his life, and knows that our community needs a strong voice so that we get the services we deserve. He served in the Royal Navy Reserve and currently works in the financial sector, he has previously stood for the council and has been a candidate for the Scottish Parliament.

Andrew enjoys the countryside of Midlothian and believes that we need to do more to enhance the natural beauty of our county along with improving the infrastructure and services our council deliver. He can bring experience, determination and will work hard to improve Midlothian .

Scottish Conservatives Council Elections 2017 Robin Traquair

Robin Traquair – Dalkeith

Robin grew up in the local area, and attended school at Danderhall Primary and Dalkeith High. His family has farmed locally for four generations, which Robin continues to do. Robin is deeply attached to the community having both brought up his family and run business in the ward, and will be a strong voice for everyone in Dalkeith ward.

His priorities include boosting opportunities for local business and improving the facilities available to local people. Robin wants to be a strong advocate for families and to make sure improve local the infrastructure.

Scottish Conservatives Council Elections 2017 Janet Lay-Douglas

Janet Lay-Douglas – Bonnyrigg

Janet has lived locally in Bonnyrigg for a number of years and has brought up her family here. After a career in international fashion and gaining wealth of experiences Janet is keen keen to make a difference to her local community and be a strong voice for Bonnyrigg and Lasswade.

Janet wants to see services and infrastructure improved in her locally community and across Midlothian, and has a keen interest in improving the facilities available for children and young people. Delivering value for money from local services and standing up for local residents are Janet’s top priorities

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