Midlothian Police give six simple hints to secure your property

Tuesday July 27th 2021


Written by Midlothian View Reporter, Luke Jackson

Following attempts to gain access to sheds, garages and houses in Midlothian recently Midlothian Police would like to remind residents of a few simple hints to assist in securing your property.

1. Your Home

Most housebreakings are carried out by opportunist thieves – so take away the opportunity and keep your home and possessions safe.

2. Lock The Door

Obvious isn’t it? But some people don’t do it. Lock the door even if you’re only away for a short time. If you have window locks, lock those too. Why not keep your doors locked when you are at home? This stops people coming in if you are in another part of the house or garden.

3. Keep Your Keys Our Of Sight

Don’t leave your keys on the inside of locks or just inside the door. If you have a spare key, don’t leave it under a mat, plant pot or other easy to spot place at home. Make it as hard as possible to break into your home or steal your car.

4. Make Your House Look Occupied

Away from home? Use timers on lights and radios so that it seems like there’s someone at home. If you are going away on holiday, avoid announcing this publicly on social media – “Hey look at these photos of me on a beach far-away!”

5. Show People That Your Property Is Secure

Thieves are put off by visible security alarms and carefully directed security lighting. Just make sure they don’t disturb your neighbours by going off unnecessarily.

6. Valuables And Cash

Avoid keeping large amounts of cash in the house.

The Police in Midlothian offer Crime Prevention advice in relation to house security. If you wish some advice contact 101 or speak to a local Community Officer.

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