SNP campaign launched

Monday November 11th 2019

Written by the Owen Thompson Campaign

The SNP have officially launched their campaign for the upcoming General Election with a vision to build a more prosperous, sustainable economy so that everyone can get on in life.

The SNP have set out priorities for MPs in the next Parliament – not just for Scotland, but for the benefit of the UK as a whole.

The SNP will demand:

– a real end to austerity with new investment to support public services and create opportunities for our young people; and an end to billion pound bungs to the DUP at the expense of Scotland and other parts of the UK;

– powers over migration so we can grow our population, not see it decline as a result of a hostile environment policy that harms our society and our economy;

– the immediate devolution of drug laws to allow us to better tackle the public health emergency we face;

– powers over employment law so we can protect workers’ rights and increase the living wage;

– real action on climate change – demanding that the UK goes further and faster and matches the scale of Scotland’s world leading ambitions;

– an end to the two child cap, the rape clause, and an end to the inequity of universal credit which is pushing so many families into poverty;

– no more nuclear weapons on the Clyde; and

– the right of the people of Scotland to choose our own future.

The SNP candidate for Midlothian, Owen Thompson said:

“The SNP have set out plans to become a fairer and more equal society. We must continue the mission of building a better Scotland.”

“Westminster’s priorities can be summed up in three words: Brexit, Brexit, Brexit.”

“A vote for the SNP is a vote to escape Brexit, and a vote to take Scotland’s future out of the hands of Boris Johnson and a broken Westminster system.”

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