“SNP flagship employment programme failing Midlothian”

Thursday June 10th 2021


Written by Midlothian View Reporter, Luke Jackson

Scottish Conservative and Unionist MSP Craig Hoy has criticised the SNP Government for failing to secure sustainable long-term employment opportunities for people in Midlothian.

Craig says the SNP Government have failed to fully resource their flagship Fair Start Scotland scheme which has meant across Scotland, only nine per cent of individuals referred to the scheme have stayed in employment for 26 weeks or more.

In Midlothian, 775 were referred to the scheme by the end of March 2021, but only 90 stayed in employment for over six months. That means only 12% were kept in work by the SNP’s scheme.

Craig says with a looming economic crisis, SNP Ministers need to urgently up their game to ensure that people seeking work are guaranteed long-term employment opportunities to help accelerate the economic recovery in Midlothian.

Scottish Conservative and Unionist MSP Craig Hoy MSP said:

“It is hugely concerning that such a small number of people referred by this flagship SNP employment scheme are remaining in work for a sustainable period.

“This is all too typical of the SNP. They announce a flagship scheme to much fanfare, but they have failed to fully resource this programme to ensure long-term employment for individuals in Midlothian.

“As we hopefully continue to ease restrictions, we are facing a looming economic crisis. This scheme must start delivering for people seeking vital employment opportunities in Midlothian.

“We must see SNP Ministers be more ambitious on achieving full employment over the course of this Parliament and be 100% focused on our economic recovery.

“They must they deliver our economic recovery in Midlothian to deliver sustainable jobs going forward for local people.”

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