Steve Richards presents Rock ‘n Roll Politics

Wednesday August 2nd 2023

Steve Richards

Steve Richards.

Leading political commentator, author and broadcaster, Steve Richards is back in Edinburgh this August, with the return of his legendary live show, Rock N Roll Politics.

With a different show everyday, and following the same format of his hugely popular podcast of the same name, Steve, along with his audience, navigate their way around all the latest Westminster and Hollyrood shenanigans – the characters, the questions and the unreliable predictions. Everything is up for grabs in the last full year before the general election. This is the era of volcanic politics and some red hot questions are being posed. Can Starmer win? Has Sunak a path to victory? Has the SNP peaked? Can Brexit ever be done?

Rock ‘n Roll Politics is a unique live show, in which Steve, as host, places current political dramas in context, highlighting how they connect with past events and characters. Creating an environment that encourages engagement and discussion and combining it with a great sense of fun, he develops an immediate rapport with his audience, who join him to form part of the Rock N Roll Politics co-operative.

The Rock ‘n Roll Politics Live Show is the sister to the Rock ‘n Roll Politics Podcast, a unique twice weekly podcast that runs throughout the year.

Enlighthening, informative, conversational and, above all, entertaining, both the live show and the podcast ask, and attempt to answer, some of the burning questions of the day partly by challenging fashionable orthodoxies about the ‘centre ground’, ‘modernisation’ and other ubiquitous terms that frame political discussions.

Steve Richards is one of Britain’s leading political commentators and broadcasters. He has written columns for The Guardian, The Independent, The Financial Times and The Sunday Times. He is a presenter of BBC Radio 4’s Week in Westminster and has presented BBC Radio 4 series on all recent Prime Ministers. He has also presented an award winning BBC TV series on Modern Prime Ministers and Leadership, during which he delivers unscripted talks to camera for thirty minutes in one take. He is a regular commentator on the BBC and SKY.

His latest books are Reflections on Leadership-the Prime Ministers from Wilson to Johnson and The Prime Ministers We Never Had-from Rab Butler to Jeremy Corbyn.

He was named political journalist of the year by the Political Studies Association and in Channel Four’s Political Awards.

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