Thank goodness for the easing of some restrictions

Monday June 29th 2020

Christine Grahame

Christine Grahame MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View

Phase 2, thank goodness and easing of some restrictions. For those of us who live alone this is particularly significant and I was able to cuddle my grandchildren for the first time in months.

Being part of the extended family has meant the wee one sitting on Grannie and telling stories again. I will be able to have her older sister stay over, and we shall go out and about, though I remain wary of public transport and I have yet to go into the local supermarket.

Staff in supermarkets in particular have a tough task when folk don’t respect social distancing, don’t wear a face covering and also pick up and replace items perhaps leaving Covid 19 on the wrapping. Of course, if you have special dietary needs you do have to check the ingredients but no-one else needs to.

My hope is that the Scottish Government will make wearing face coverings compulsory in retail outlets so that we can protect each other and see this virus off because businesses need our custom especially as the UK furlough scheme is reduced.

Schools too will return and subject to a spike in that familiar R number, without social distancing, but teachers, all school staff, children and the people they return home to each day must feel safe. This is probably the trickiest of times when with freedoms come responsibility to our neighbours and our community.

Those scenes in England and indeed in Scotland of folk throwing caution to the winds might mean they are also throwing the virus to the winds and even if they are OK innocent “bystanders “ might not be so lucky.

So let’s enjoy what we now have, treasure it, and make sure by our actions we don’t end up back at that horrid beginning, in lockdown

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