The End of Recess is in sight

Monday August 29th 2016

Christine Grahame MSP in Parliament

The End of Recess is in sight

Parliament is back in full swing next week and already on my desk the briefings I receive as Deputy Presiding Officer have hit the in-tray. Apart from sharing chairing of debates there are pre-meetings to meetings and all to do with ensuring Parliamentary business flows smoothly.

Actually what is agreed for debate is agreed by the Business Bureau which has a representative from each of the political parties: SNP, Conservative, Labour, Liberals, Greens and it is agreed by consent after a wee bit of toing and froing. Chaired by the Presiding Officer both I and the other DPO Linda Fabiani attend and sometimes chip in.

Surgeries in TESCO will restart the week beginning 5th September so my first on the Friday in Penicuik will be 23rdth September. You may recall that I have switched from Saturday to Friday which frees up that day to attend constituency events which often clashed. I look forward to catching up with you then.

Penicuik and the sun is shining!

It was Penicuik Street Fair on Saturday and crumbs and heavens to Murgatroyd the sun was shining. Rewind to the Installation of the Hunter Lad and Lass towards the end of May and the heavens had opened big time. So we treasure these sunny Penicuik days which coincide with community events.

Children were out swinging their balloons and losing them to the slight breeze, mums but mostly grannies pushed wains in buggies, mobility scooters weaved in and out of the crowd, dancers danced and pipers piped and the silver band played on…. Stalls bustled with activity and I stopped to chat at a few of them: U3A all to do with being active in retirement, PENFEST –the arts folk, The Rotary, Crystal FM and had a chat with some constituents as I wandered about.

I even had to take my jacket off it was so warm. Of course I bought some plants, as some of the money was going to charity. All in all as Wallace would say “A Grand day Out”. However I am delaying the planting on account of Bug Wars….

Mother Nature and the humongous fly

Every year towards the end of August, which I understand is bug breeding time, I get bitten here there and everywhere, even on earlobes and eyelids.

Now I know the image of a politician being bitten by beasties will delight not a few hearts but some must be like me and find that their blood is haute cuisine to the gnats and the midges. I blame my dad who could hardly venture out in early autumn without being a target and whose arm would swell humongously from one tiny bite.

By the way did you know there is such a creature as the humongous fly? It must have been named in celebration of my dad. I am armed with Anthisan cream but that’s a bit like shutting the stable door etc. I am quite frankly losing the battle and indeed this war. Any folk out there, gardeners, fishermen who know of a deterrent? After all I have to hang out the washing at the very least.

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