Vaccine, Freedom Day and the Three Bridges

Monday July 26th 2021

Christine Grahame MSP in Parliament Main

Christine Grahame MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View

Well at last a spell of good weather which has lifted the spirits as we work our weary way through these dreadful times.

Mind you it is disappointing that the Scottish Government is being blamed for the reduced vaccine take up. You can take a horse to water etc …. It is not and should not be mandatory but why some folk are not getting vaccinated is a mystery to me especially as it is pretty painless and effective. In the meantime, more and more of the younger unvaccinated are ending up in intensive care. As for long covid, it’s not a risk worth taking for yourself let alone perhaps becoming a covid-spreader.

As for Boris Johnson and his Freedom Day, the most printable thing I can say about him is, what a ninny. In fact, to have a ninny for PM is really scary. He opens up nightclubbing with sweaty young people (how many of them were unvaccinated?) up close and very personal in pretty well unventilated surroundings. Just what a covid lab should comprise. Does he think we can’t look over the North Sea to Holland? It went ahead and unlocked everything and lo and behold a few weeks later there is a 500% increase in cases and, yes, everything goes into a swift reverse gear. I wonder what the Ladbroke odds are on a steep increase in cases South of the Border in a few weeks?

I’ll say it again, give me the First Minister’s caution anytime and never was the old saw “More Haste Less Speed” more pertinent.

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However, even as I continue to do casework during recess, I did have a few days out with a ten-year old granddaughter. This continental weather saw us take the Three Bridges Cruise up the Forth and splendid it was. The crew were courteous and professional and that and the scenery made me proud to be Scottish (as ever).

We were told the history of the Forth through the centuries, blocking various enemy invasions, I saw a single puffin (in flight) and a few curious seals when the canny captain parked us right above their favourite spot. Asked by the captain as we disembarked what we thought of the experience I told him my fussy granddaughter gave it 9 out of 10 which from her was high praise indeed. Apparently, the onboard loo was not up to scratch.

So, like many of us I am having a wee break here and there close to home, and no bad thing either. But then it was back to my desk in my eyrie at the top of the stairs and next week there will be the second virtual sitting of Parliament when the First Minister will outline the next baby steps in our path out of covid. I shall put in a bid for a question as not all of us have the opportunity.

In the meantime, waring though it is let’s all keep to the rules, keep hand sanitizing, mask wearing and making sure we are vaccinated so we can do our bit to make the coming autumn and winter as far as we can, much freer from restrictions.

Take care and enjoy the sun while it lasts.

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