Vote defeated on call for Provost to resign

Tuesday September 27th 2016

Joe Wallace Midlothian Provost

A vote at the full council meeting today has defeated a motion calling on the Provost to resign.

The Midlothian Labour party had raised the motion calling for the Provost to step down as both Veteran’s Champion and Provost. The motion stated that Councillor Joe Wallace had launched an unwarranted and highly inappropriate attack on veterans. Derek Milligan described the use of the term ‘these people’ to describe veterans as unacceptable and that it had upset veterans within Midlothian.

Speaking in support of the Provost, Council Leader Cath Johnstone, said that he had apologised and accused the Labour group of wasting council time “jumping and down” over this issue.

Importantly Green Councillor Ian Baxter also spoke in support of the Provost. Mr Baxter said that using football parlance, Labour had “played the man and not the ball”. Mr Baxter said though the Provost words could have used better language he was trying to make a valid point.

When it came to the vote the motion was defeated with 8 votes in favour and 9 votes against.

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