Watch the emotive Glyphosate discussion to decide who to vote for

Wednesday March 24th 2021


Written by Midlothian View Editor, Phil Bowen

The issue of Midlothian Council’s use of the Glyphosate weedkiller is a very emotive one. The debate has lasted over 18 months and yesterday the full council met and the Glyphosate weed killer ban was overturned.

The recording of the meeting is now available and can be watched below. This is an example of the decisions councillors have to make. Those of you who are voting in the Midlothian East by-election tomorrow may wish to watch the recording and then read about the Five candidates for Midlothian East to decide which one of them should represent you at the next meeting.

Arguably council decisions affect us more than decisions taken in the Scottish or Westminster parliaments so it is important that we all have our say and our vote on who makes these decisions.

The Glyphosate issue was discussed at length and many councillors gave their point of view. It is interesting to observe the many points raised. All councillors were agreed that Glyphosate use should be stopped eventually but they differed on how and when to achieve this. Some wanted an outright ban others wanted a more gradual move towards not using it.

The video is set to start at the Glyphosate discussion which happened 47 mins and 10 seconds into the meeting.

If you are not sure which councillor is which and which party they belong to then you can find this information HERE.


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