Week 11 and Dominic Cummings

Saturday May 30th 2020

Christine Grahame

Christine Grahame MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.

Week 11 for me and it’s maybe the new normal but very wearying. Mind you when I see what other folks are dealing with: fractious children, no garden, loss of income I am lucky, having work and a garden.

Dominic Cummings is not an example to be followed and has made me and many of you very angry. Driving the length of England while his wife had symptoms and then having a day out on a 60 mile round trip on Easter Sunday cannot be defended. He said he was testing his eyesight and taking the family with him! Indeed does his wife not drive?

Yes rules for some and rules for the rest of us. He made the rules but did you know they were bendy rules? Not good enough.



Why are we socially distancing? Why are we told not to congregate with others outside our household? Because the virus is out there and it can be deadly and because every day in care homes, hospitals, on the buses, delivery drivers and shop assistants are keeping us going at a risk and cost to themselves.

Forget social distancing, forget not assembling in groups, forget not meeting up with pals in the park and you forget your responsibility to everyone else. It is selfish when others are being so selfless.

It may be you or your neighbour, your friend, who ends up in intensive care because of your actions and the actions of others. We did not come all this distance and distancing to throw it away. If we do, then in months maybe even weeks we will be back at the start again: deaths rising, businesses closing again, job losses, heavy duty lockdown.

Yes I am furious at the selfishness of the few placing each one of us, and even the police in difficulty.

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