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Monday November 9th 2020


An appeal by Midlothian Council

Linda Bell, not her real name, reminded her daughter recently it was two years since her adoption.

“Yes, I’m going to be with your forever,” replied the 5-year-old girl, smiling.

As we ask people to consider adopting while celebrating Adoption Week from Monday 16 November, Linda, from Midlothian, and Rebecca, again not her real name, are testament to the joys and challenges of offering a child a ‘forever home’.

Linda, who has her own business, says: “It has made my life complete. We are just a great wee twosome.”

If you are interested in finding out more about adopting with Midlothian Council email me Ann-Marie.Bain@midlothian.gov.uk and she can arrange a one-to-one virtual information session with you.

As for Linda and Rebecca, the mum and daughter love being together, playing outside, catching up with friends and just being a normal family.

Linda would thoroughly recommend adopting although she says it may not always be plain sailing.

The process to becoming an approved adopter, by its nature, can take a long time.

From Linda starting a six-week preparatory class in February 2016 to finally taking Rebecca home in October 2018, more than two years had passed. Some of this, however, was because of court delays outwith anyone’s control.

Linda, who watched other people on her course already enjoying their new families while she waited, says: “It was mentally draining but I had invested so much in her, I didn’t want to give up.”

Linda first saw Rebecca’s profile on a family finder online website, which panel-approved adopters can access.

She was ideally looking for a little girl under the age of five. Rebecca was under two years of age and fitted the bill nicely. However, because of the court delays it was more than a year before they met when Linda visited Rebecca at her foster home elsewhere in Scotland.

Linda says: “I was nervous before because you just don’t know how she’s going to react but she and I just clicked right away.

“She was showing me a balloon and chatting away, she didn’t seem strange with me at all. I read her a book and it was lovely. I was thinking, she’s mine and I’m taking her home.”

Having Rebecca at home for the first time was wonderful, if daunting.

“All of a sudden you are a mum and you’re taking responsibility for someone else,” she says.

With the help and support of family, friends and the council’s family placement team, Linda and Rebecca have quickly settled into their new lives.

“She’s always asking me if she can have a wee brother or sister,” laughs Linda.

For more information on adopting visit www.midlothian.gov.uk/adoption

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