Bonnyrigg Rose FC Street Soccer and Futsal

Wednesday September 28th 2016

Dalkeith Sports Centre

Midlothian View conducted a question and answer section with Mark Dickson, Bonnyrigg Rose Football Academy Manager, to find out more about the Bonnyrigg Rose FC Street Soccer and Futsal.

Q. What is it?

A. Bonnyrigg Rose FC Street Soccer and Futsal is a new initiative from the very successful and popular Bonnyrigg Rose Football Academy and is aimed at Midlothian children both existing kids already in the Academy and also open to newcomers.

The aim is to offer the children a selection of Street Soccer type small sided football games ie 1v1, 2v2, 4v4, Knockout and World Cup etc as well as introducing them to Futsal which the only 5v5 football format that is offiiciallly recognised and endorsed by FIFA, UEFA, Scottish Football Association as well as the English FA.

Q. Why are you doing this?

A. To provide the Children with safe and fun opportunities to play football and put on sessions for them that are all about them having fun and games based learning.

To reconnect them with the deep football tradition and culture we have in Scotland and Midlothian and to give them opportunities to play some fun football games that provide them with skills development & learning opportunities that also mimic the kind of traditional street football games their parents and grandparents played as children.

To teach them how to become Tanner Ba’ players that Scotland used to be famous for producing.

Q. When will you be doing this?

A. We are already doing this, we already have some sessions up and running within our local communities at Burnbrae School within the ever expanding Hopefield Estate. We also have run sessions at Lasswade Centre and are about to begin a Tuesday evening sessions at Dalkeith Schools Campus which will also offer 5v5 Futsal in association with Jamie Smith of Dalkeith Thistle FC.

As we head into colder, wetter and darker days of Autumn and Winter outside football becomes less appealing and there are fewer opportunities to play so this initiative is seeking to provide sessions at venues and at days/times that suit the kids and their parents. The aim is to keep kids playing and enjoying their football when the temptation over these months might be more TV or computers. So its also about keeping the kids active.

Q. Who will doing this?

A. This will be open to all children already in the Bonnyrigg Rose Football Academy but also to their pals, neighbours and school friends that might not be, basically kids in Midlothian area that want to play football. Obviously spaces available will be limited by the capacity of the Halls and venues we are running these sessions at but if someone is interested in taking part in these sessions then in the first instance contact me (Mark Dickson) by email at

We also hope that Parents will see that as these events are being organised and facilitated by Bonnyrigg Rose Football Academy that the appropriate safeguards are there to provide a safe and controlled environment for their children to participate and hopefully have fun.

Q. What age group is this aimed at?

Initially it’s aimed at those 4 years currently in the Academy from 2008s to 2011s but at the Burnbrae kickabouts some older brothers & neighbours 2006 & 2007s etc joined in so its not set in stone. Additionaly if coaches or parents of the older age groups want to do something somewhere and put on their own sessions or kickabouts then we can help them make that a reality with applying for community lets etc.

It’s not only about organising our own sessions it’s about empowering the parents and coaches to do likewise and giving them a framework to help & support them. Ultimately its about more kids playing more football more often indoors or out.

Q. How will you be providing this?

A. Sessions will be offered to kids and parents on a pay as you play basis so where we incur costs such as Hall Hire or kit purchases required there will be a small charge of a couple of pounds per child to cover these but we are also looking to get in Mugas and Gym Halls at Local Schools, Scout Halls, Church Halls and Community Centres etc that might be available to us free or at low cost for Community use and if we can get access to these venues to put sessions on then costs to children and parents will be kept to an absolute minimum. The goal is to make it as affordable as possible to everyone.

These sessions are being put on by our.volunteer coaches and first aiders and approved parent helpers but if anyone wants to put on sessions in their local area and they have access to a venue in mind and volunteers to run sessions at days and times thst suit their kids and parents then we will help to make that happen.

If any local businesses would like to donate money for kit or to help sponsor this initiative so we can get as many kids as possible playing then please get in touch.

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