SNP Councillors fail to turn up

Tuesday April 25th 2017

Midlothian Council Fairfield House Main

All 5 SNP appointees to the Midlothian Licensing Board, including the Chairman who has responsibility for convening meetings, failed to turn up to the final board meeting this morning, rendering the meeting inquorate.

Bemused Labour Councillors who had turned up, as well as applicants, senior police officers and legal representatives attending on behalf of applicants, had to wait for more than an hour until one member of the SNP group, Councillor Rosie could be traced and make his way to Dalkeith from Penicuik.

Speaking after the meeting Labour Board member, Russell Imrie said. “It’s sad to say that this is typical of the attitude of SNP members of this Council over the last five years who have been much more interested in National and Constitutional issues, or being out campaigning for their own agenda, than carrying out the business of running the Council.

Labour Board member, Margot Russell made the point, “It is a disgraceful way to treat the hard working pub, restaurant and licence premises workers and I shudder to think how much the delay will have cost those attending. Legal representation does not come cheap and I’m sure that the Police Inspectors that were in attendance had better things to do with their time. I also understand that a council car was sent to pick Councillor Rosie up. More expense!”

The meeting eventually went ahead albeit with only one of the 5 SNP members in attendance. Those failing to attend were Councillors Bob Constable (Chair), Kelly Parry, Joe Wallace and Andrew Coventry. No apologies were received in advance from any of the Councillors in question.

The Midlothian Licensing Board is made up of 10 elected members, 5 Labour, 5 SNP. They are

Councillor Alex Bennett (Labour)
Councillor Bob Constable (SNP) Chairman
Councillor Andrew Coventry (SNP)
Councillor Russell Imrie (Labour)
Councillor Derek Milligan (Labour)
Councillor Adam Montgomery (Labour)
Councillor Kelly Parry (SNP)
Councillor Derek Rosie (SNP)
Councillor Margot Russell (Labour)
Councillor Joe Wallace (SNP)

Labour Councillor Derek Milligan had tendered apologies in advance due to a prior commitment.

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