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A Passion For Music Opening Symposium and Concert

Saturday 17th June 14:00 - 20:00

Dalkeith Palace – A Passion For Music will open with a symposium & concert on Saturday 17 June, sponsored by the University of Southampton, AHRC and the RNCM.

The symposium explores Dalkeith Palace’s musical past in vivid detail, bringing to life themes from the exhibition. Specialists from leading universities and conservatoires investigate how Scottish dance bands promoted traditional music, how opera travelled from the stage to the home, and how country houses supported wider cultural trends and aspirations.

In the concluding concert, soprano Mhairi Lawson and Lu Ren are joined by historical performance experts Jean Kelly, Aaron McGregor, and David McGuinness in the Great Gallery, bringing the music that once sounded at Dalkeith Palace back to its former home.

Dalkeith Country Park
EH22 1ST

0131 654 1666

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