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The Craigie Hotel

A very warm welcome to you from The Craigie Hotel, a beautiful, newly refurbished hotel located at the foot of the Pentland Hills, just 20 minutes south of Edinburgh.

The Craigie Hotel boasts 16 elegant bedrooms, a first-class restaurant, stylish bar, lovely grounds, and superb facilities for weddings and other occasions. And our dedicated commitment to customer service ensures that your time here will be memorable.

The impressive Craigie house was built in 1885, designed by George Washington Browne for the eminent zoologist James Cossar Ewart. Ewart was born in Penicuik and went on to become Professor of Natural History at Edinburgh University. He is remembered for his pioneering genetic work with zebras, which became known as “The Penicuik Experiment”. Photos of Professor Ewart with his zebras here in the grounds can be found all around the hotel.

Following Ewart’s death in 1933, the house was converted into a hotel. It remained as such for many decades, until the current owners bought it and converted it into the modern hotel it now is. The new – and fully refurbished – Craigie Hotel opened in 2017.
Midlothian View - Business The Craigie Hotel
50 Big Road
EH26 9BZ

01968 672 213



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