Owen Thompson SNP has been elected as the Midlothian MP

Friday December 13th 2019


Written by Midlothian View Editor, Phil Bowen

Owen Thompson SNP has been elected as the Midlothian MP.

Having won in 2015 and then lost in 2017 this is a return to Westminster for the man from Loanhead.

In his acceptance speech the newly elected MP said

“This sends a clear message. Scotland has said it wants to avoid Brexit. A very different message to the rest of the UK.”

Outgoing MP Danielle Rowley, Labour said:

“I wish Owen the best of luck in the next few years which I can see are going to be difficult.”

Midlothian 2019 General Election result:

Party Votes
Steve Arrundale (Scottish Liberal Democrats) 3,393
Rebecca Fraser (Scottish Conservatives and Unionist) 10,467
Danielle Rowley (Scottish Labour Party) 14,328
Owen Thompson (Scottish National Party) 20,033
Total Votes 48,362
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