Two banners

Friday May 3rd 2019

Pauline Winchester

Letter written by Councillor Pauline Winchester

Whilst a lot of eyes were trained on Edinburgh for the SNP conference on Saturday, readers may well have missed the following two unsettling pieces of news.

The first was a member of the ‘Scottish Resistance’ (yes there really is such a group) holding a banner declaring ‘ENGLAND GET OUT OF SCOTLAND’ outside the SNP conference venue. Which is a copy of the IRA banner ‘ENGLAND GET OUT OF IRELAND’. I take this to mean that they want the English out of Scotland, which accounts for many people from not only Midlothian, but Scotland as a whole.

The second was a march in Glasgow. The marchers in Glasgow displayed the Irish Tricolour and carried a menacing sign saying, ‘WE HAVEN’T GONE AWAY YOU KNOW’ – this was paraded through the streets of Glasgow by Saoradh, the political wing of the ‘new’ IRA (known to most as the plain old IRA). That group, as most will remember, were responsible for the death of Lyra McKee, the 29 year old journalist murdered on 18th April in Londonderry.

I’m sure that most people will be sickened over these two events and I hope that we never see anything of the like in Scotland again. If we do, I hope to hear more voices joining in to shout out loud that those signs/marches do not belong in Scotland.

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