Are you digital death ready?

Friday July 7th 2023

Graeme Whitlie William Purves

Graeme Whitlie, Funeral Director, William Purves, Dalkeith.

This article has been written by Graeme Whitlie, Funeral Director, William Purves, Dalkeith.

Facebook has intimated that by 2035, accounts of deceased people will outstrip those who are still alive. As a local funeral director at William Purves, I know only too well the strain some families feel when a memory pops into their feed, or they get a birthday reminder of someone they knew that has since passed away.

Even if you’ve never used social media, research points to most of us using an average of 27 passwords in our lifetime across our digital portfolios. Yes – even those whose grandkids set up their smart phone have an account.

This means families facing the administration of a loved one’s estate may find closing digital accounts a real challenge, even with the appropriate paperwork. At a distressing time, when emotions are already tested, this is a challenge most people would like to avoid.

To help navigate the options available to you today, William Purves has written a free guide on “Managing Your Digital Death”. It provides useful tips and resources to help anyone wanting to manage a digital legacy from the simplest accounts to complex portfolio end-of-life management.

It’s just one of many free resources we offer Midlothian families wanting to get organised or plan ahead. You can get it from our branches in Dalkeith and Penicuik or go online (yes!) to download it from

What is my digital footprint?

– Email and social media accounts: Gmail, Facebook, Instagram

– Online bank and credit card accounts

– Phone accounts

– Subscription accounts: TV, gaming, music

– Trading accounts: Amazon, eBay, supermarkets, online retailers

It costs nothing to have a conversation so pop into to see our Dalkeith team at 1 Eskbank Road or Penicuik’s team at 42a John’s Road.

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