Ball tracing technology launches at Melville Golf Centre

Saturday January 30th 2021


Written by Midlothian View Editor, Phil Bowen

The Melville Golf Centre has been busy adapting their business to cope during lockdown. The centre has now installed the same golf shot tracing technology that is seen on TV.

Installed in fourteen of its bays at Melville, players can see the flight of their golf shots on a screen, along with speed, distance and other valuable insights.

The system is produced by TopTracer and Melville Golf Centre is the only driving range in the South East of Scotland to use the technology.

By downloading the TopTracer App, players can also keep a record of their performance and shot history per club each time they visit. They can record their average driving distances, air time, launch angle and ball speed. The screen in the bay will show whether they pushed, pulled or hit the ball perfectly.

The system is also geared up for groups competing against each other on the range as there are a number of playing modes; driving distance, short game or playing courses around the world. There is even a child friendly game, ‘Go Fish’, designed to bring a new generation into golf.

As we are in lockdown the centre’s use of technology does not stop there as an online booking and payment system has now been introduced. Players can book a specific half hour or hour long slot on the range, including picking their preferred bay. To avoid any danger of the Covid virus spreading each slot comes with unlimited balls which are delivered to the bay safely by the centre’s staff.

Alastair Macfarlane of Melville Golf Centre said:

“We are really pleased with TopTracer as it brings a new dimension to the driving range and the feedback we have had from players has been great. People really like to see their stats and see where they need to improve.

“We are also very mindful of our responsibilities during the pandemic, so by introducing the online booking system we ensure that there are not queues of people waiting for their turn on the range. It also means that people can plan their day knowing that when they come to the centre they will be straight onto the bay. We have a number of people who are working from home and so are able to pop out for 30 mins during their lunch time.

“The unlimited balls has also proven to be very popular. And we have also had a lot of families come down to use the range as it is permitted exercise.

“Melville has always been at the forefront of technology and for many years we have had automatic pop-up tees. We also have two robots working at the range, one cuts the grass and the other collects the balls.”

To learn more or book your visit go to Melville Golf Centre.

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