Bonnyrigg siblings fundraising after seeing their aunt struggle with MND

Friday May 10th 2024

My Names Doddie Branden Eilish Cowan

Bradan and Eilish with their Auntie Tracy.

Written by Midlothian View Reporter, Rachel Bowen

Bradan, aged 12, and Eilish 9, from Bonnyrigg are raising money for the ‘My Name’5 Doddle Foundation,’ in honour of their Auntie Tracy, who was diagnosed with MND just 15 months ago and has since deteriorated at a significant rate.

Motor Neurone Disease (MND) progresses rapidly in most cases, reducing ability and shortening individuals’ lives. MND attacks and damages the nerves that would normally successfully convey a message from a person’s brain to their muscles. This loss in connection, leads to loss of muscle mobility and paralysis.

This means that people such as Tracy, begin to lose their independence. Tracy used to be an independent woman who enjoyed taking part in sports and teaching. Now she is unable to walk, talk or use her arms and must rely on others to feed her. Whilst Tracy still manages to make people smile and laugh, her ability to go about daily life has been taken from her.

Geoff Cowan, Tracy’s brother, and Dad to Bradan and Eilish, told us

“She is still Tracy, but this MND journey has robbed her of all independence.”

MND impacts not only the patient but the surrounding family and friends significantly. Seeing and caring for a loved one that is becoming progressively ill is a heart-breaking and extremely difficult process to endure. Bradan and Eilish have experienced and witnessed this and they understand the importance of providing just a little bit of respite and support for both the patient and carer.

Geoff explains Tracy and her husband Iain’s life is like Groundhog Day, with the only break they have had being when they stayed at Doddie’s House in Dirleton. This allowed for both Tracy and Iain to take a break as the accommodation was equipped to suit the requirements of MND sufferers.

Geoff explained that the children have been a source of stability during these hard times, and that they have taken it upon themselves to raise money for MND. This in hope of finding a cure through funding further research, as well as providing further support to carers and patients through schemes such as Doddie’s house.

Next month, on June 8th, Bradan will be walking a marathon of 26.2 miles around some of Tracy’s favourite places in Edinburgh and the Lothians. Starting at 6:30 am it will take him and his mum Emma a total of 12 hours.

Meanwhile Eilish will be cycling the same distance with her dad. They all plan to keep their social media pages active throughout the day so people can keep up to date with their progress.

So far they have raised a very impressive amount of just over £5,000. However, they still need your help! Help them make this change, by donating HERE.



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