Brexit, Army Wives and Trump

Wednesday January 25th 2017

Christine Grahame MSP in Parliament

Christine Grahame MSP, Midlothian South, Tweeddale and Lauderdale

January blues

I can’t avoid Brexit which isn’t looking too bright. Apart from the fact that Midlothian like the rest of Scotland voted Remain, the deal that appears to being put on the table will not be in the best interests of the Midlothain let alone Scotland.

Let’s look for example at Rural Development Funding or Leader. Whit you ask? Actually it’s Europe money which comes back to us in the form of funding for rural projects.

It’s part of the Common Agricultural Policy which, yes has its flaws, but through the Scottish Government £3.4 million from it has been allocated to Midlothian.

If you have a project in mind by the way, complete an Expression of Interest Form which you can access at click HERE.

You see while the European Union had its flaws it wasn’t all bad news for Scotland. That smart community centre at Auchendinny benefitted from European funds, After Brexit there is no guarantee that any European money repatriated will find its way in to the Midlothian. More likely to the City of London or Nissan. Time will tell.

Glencorse and the Army wives.

It was a privilege to meet with the wives who are in the process of pursing the establishing of their businesses.

It is tough for them as I realised when they brought home to me how frequently their husbands (and for the long periods of time) are posted away from them. They also have to move at times when their army husbands move, so it makes it nigh impossible to take on work in one place.

The internet is a saviour which will allow them to develop and hone their business skills and secure orders no matter where they live. Best of all it builds a sense of self-confidence and independence.

I remember in the days when I was at home with my then young sons full-time describing myself as “just a house wife”. There is no such thing as “just” but that’s how I felt. I took up loom knitting and selling from home and tell the truth it made me feel a lot better to make some money by myself so I fully understand how taking on business projects can be demanding but also liberating.

As for Trump?

The man is just awful, stupid, a bully, a misogynist and would probably dispatch kittens if they got under his feet.

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