Christine Grahame MSP

Monday February 29th 2016

Christine Grahame MSP in Parliament

Happy Ninth Birthday Ladywood Leisure Centre Penicuik

Well it seems a long time ago when Ladywood Leisure Centre was earmarked for closure by the then Labour Council. I went to a public meeting all those years back with Margaret Wilson, later Councillor Wilson to fight with local folks to keep it open. The Hall was packed and folk were up in arms. Now my experience on other occasions like this is that the army of resistance tends to diminish the longer the fight. But I knew from the look in those Ladywood eyes that they meant business and you know what? People Power won. So nine years on and with hard work and commitment Ladywood Leisure Centre celebrates its nine years as a Community Enterprise. It has raised funds and has a band of hardy volunteers without whom it would be lost. Well done! Mind you I felt a bit daft turning up some weeks early with a birthday cake, even as I had iced it in “rustic” fashion myself. Hope they ate it!

Newtongrange Station

I like the train and I meet many of you when I’m standing at the station in Newtongrange to take the train to my office in Galashiels. Some of you are jaunting off to Edinburgh but others are off to exotic destinations such as Dundee and Glasgow. However why is the entrance from the car park in such a daft place? Am I the only one who tried to get to the shelter and ticket machine to find fencing blocking my way? You know, next to the ramp which leads to the Mining Museum? And why is there not better signage to that? Well I’ve taken these up with Phil Verster MD at Scotrail. Apparently the platform entrance at Newtongrange is there because it gives more direct access to the platform from the disabled bays. The signage? Well I’m following that up with the council. I also know that both at Gorebridge and Newtongrange the communities are taking up the cudgels to adopt the stations there. I look forward to floors in the spring.

TESCO surgeries

These continue to be pretty busy and I apologise to anyone who comes along then couldn’t wait to speak. I have actually had my last Penicuik surgery as on March 23rd I stop being an MSP, at midnight! This is because this session of Parliament will have come to an end and we are into the election period. Election date is the 5th May. I know it’s all a bit confusing because of that Other Referendum, speaking of which it’s all a bit déjà vu. What with Project Fear from the In-camp and let’s regain our Independence for the Out-camp. Been there, seen it, got the t shirt. It’s ironic though that we were told that if we voted Yes for Independence we’d be out of the EU and would have to go on bended knees to get back in. Seems we might we taken out anyway without Scotland’s say-so. No wonder I’m watching this with a wry smile.

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