Construction traffic not welcome

Wednesday January 25th 2017

Miller Homes Lady Victoria Grange

The residential road in Orchard Grange which was wrongly being used by construction site traffic to access the development.

Written by editor, Phil Bowen

Residents were dismayed last week to see contruction site traffic driving through the Orchard Grange Estate in Newtongrange.

The contruction vehicles were heading to the Cockpen Farm Estate which is the site of the new Miller Homes development, Lady Victoria Grange.

One of the planning conditions, stipulated by Midlothian councillors when planning permission was granted, was that site traffic would not use the Orchard Grange estate for access but instead the developer had to build an access road via the Butlerfield Industrial estate.

It seems the subcontractor appointed by Miller Homes was not made aware of the planning condition and therefore wrongly used the Orchard Grange estate.

A spokesperson for Miller Homes said to Midlothian View:

“Work on our new development at Lady Victoria Grange in Newtongrange has not yet started. Due to a misunderstanding in relation to the build route of the new construction access road, machinery had been brought onto the site via the A7 to enable us to undertake this pre-development work. This will now be commenced via the Butlerfield Industrial Estate Road in the coming weeks. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

Local Labour Councillor Bryan Pottinger commented to Midlothian View saying:

“We take great care in the planning committee to ensure that these planning conditions are put in place to prevent construction traffic using a residential road. It would be very dangerous to have this traffic near to where children might be playing, not to mention the noise and inconvenience to residents.

“If the planning conditions are not complied with, as in this case, the planning department of the council have the power to enforce them.”

Miller Homes Lady Victoria Grange site

The site of the new development.

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