Council set to agree fee and charges increases

Friday March 17th 2023


Written by Midlothian View Editor, Phil Bowen

On Tuesday the full Midlothian Council meeting is set to agree the new fees and charges which will be applicable from April of this Year.

Burial charges are to increase to the Scottish Average value and therefore the cost of an adult burial will rise by 20% to £992. The report says that fees have been benchmarked across other Scottish Local Authorities to ensure that the revised prices are equitable. Burial and lair charges have been reviewed and the previous two tiered pricing for Midlothian residents and non-residents is to be replaced with a single fee structure from 1 April 2023.

Burials that take place prior to 10.30am on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will be charged at a reduced rate which equates to 25% less than the new adult burial fee.

The estimated income value from burials for 2023/24 is expected to be raise an additional £80k.

Garden Waste fees will rise in 2024 from £35 this year to £40.00 and is expected to raise and £25k in 2024/25.

Both Edinburgh and East Lothian recently announced that the cost of a parking ticket will rise from £60 to £100 and as expected Midlothian are to follow suit. As before if a fine is paid within 14 days it is reduced by 50%. It is estimated that the additional income will be £100k for a full year.

Fees for Gala Days are also to be increased however to mitigate this an emergency fund is to be set up to help galas pay increased costs.

All Licence fees are to increase by 35% for such things as taxi and private car drivers, window and wheelie bin cleaners and street traders.

Charges across all leisure services are frozen. There will be an external review of charges and memberships and, when that is completed, a full report will be brought to Council outlining any suggested changes to charges.

The full list of fees and charges for financial year 2023 to 2024 can be found HERE.

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