Edinburgh’s Nitrogen Dioxide levels drop by over half during Coronavirus

Thursday March 26th 2020


Edinburgh’s monitoring station in Nicolson Street

Written by Midlothian View editor, Phil Bowen

Nitrogen Dioxide levels in Edinburgh have fallen by over a half since since restrictions on movement were put in place last week.

The Shared Data Unit of the BBC’s Local News Partnership has analysed average daily NO2 emissions data from monitoring stations around the UK in the eight days since Boris Johnson had told people they should work from home and compared it the equivalent week last year.

In many areas, average daily nitrogen dioxide emissions have fallen compared with the same eight-day period last year.

In Edinburgh’s Nicolson Street the average Nitrogen Dioxide for 19th to 26th March 2019 was 58.8 micrograms per cubic meter compared to 28.3 for 17th to 24th March 2020. This is a drop of 52% compared to last year.

The days were adjusted so they matched the same days of the week.

Nitrogen dioxide, released from car exhausts, is a serious air pollutant and also indirectly contributes to the warming of the planet.

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