We are undergoing a faith lift

Friday March 11th 2016

St Johns and Kings park faith lift

This amusing banner outside St John’s and King’s Park church in Dalkeith near Edinburgh is being widely enjoyed and shared on social media. The ‘We are undergoing a faith lift’ banner has been liked almost a thousand times and shared by almost 500 people.

The minister who came up with the pun says he’s delighted people have seen the funny side. Rev Keith Mack says “I’m surprised it’s generated so much interest. The work just started a couple of weeks ago, and when I saw the large ‘Danger! Keep out!’ sign on our front door I knew we were sending out the wrong message. We put the banner up last weekend. I can’t claim credit for the pun, as I first heard it somewhere else, but I am pleased people enjoy seeing the church showing a sense of humour. It’s wonderful to think that in temporarily closing our church we have managed to raise its profile.“

The image shared on Facebook by Tania Bee on March 1st has reached more than 17,500 people. www.facebook.com/churchofscotland

It’s also drawn many appreciative comments from people in the wider community, some who have links with Dalkeith in the past, others who are actively involved in the congregation today.

Mr Mack says the refurbishment will make the church a more accessible space in every sense. “There’s no real space for the community in Dalkeith since the community centre closed down. Our refurbishment will enable the church to open throughout the week. We are taking out the pews, levelling the floors and creating disabled access. It will be a bigger space, with the a well-lit area inside the front doors we hope to use as a café area for everyone to enjoy.”

Mr Mack has been serving the church in Dalkeith for 14 years. “I can see God working in so many exciting ways here. Just last week I baptised a young woman in the sea at Longniddry Bents. She had come to our church as an atheist who felt the need to ask questions. It really is a great place to be.”

The congregation at St John’s and King’s Park are meeting at King’s Park school in Dalkeith at 11am each Sunday until the refurbishment is completed this summer. #puns #punsgalore

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