Flu season is here so It’s flu jab time!

Friday September 23rd 2016

Midlothian Flu Jab time

Midlothian Health and Social Care Partnership is launching a campaign to encourage people to get vaccinated against the flu virus.

Flu can be a serious illness, especially for vulnerable groups such as the elderly, pregnant women, young children, those undergoing medical treatments, and those with long-term health conditions such as diabetes, respiratory disease or heart disease. In addition, unpaid carers and young carers are being advised to have the vaccine, not only to protect themselves but also the person they are caring for.

Health and social care workers are also being encouraged to have the jab to protect themselves and their patients and clients.

Hamish Reid, Lead GP for Midlothian, said: “The vaccination is a quick and simple procedure. I would urge all those eligible to make an appointment with their GP practice nurse as soon as possible before flu season arrives. It can save lives! Those who are not eligible for a free NHS jab can access the jab via their community pharmacist.

“Even healthy people can get flu and can develop severe complications but those with underlying medical conditions are 11 times more likely to die from flu than healthy people.”

Some myths about flu:

Only older people get flu. No, anyone of any age can catch it!

The flu vaccine hasn’t been tested. Yes it has!

Antibiotics can kill flu. Absolutely not!

It’s dangerous for pregnant women and their babies to have the jab. No, pregnant women’s immune system changes and they are at greater risk of complications from flu!

Flu is just a bad cold. No, they are caused by completely different viruses!

The flu jab can give you flu. It’s impossible to get flu from the jab as it doesn’t contain live viruses!

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