Four reasons to get a funeral plan

Saturday October 7th 2023

Gregor Currie Funeral Director William Purves Penicuik

This article has been written by Gregor Currie, Funeral Director, William Purves, Penicuik.

Peace of mind tends to be the number one reason why people take out a funeral plan say William Purves, Midlothian based funeral directors having served families in the area for five generations.

This actually means:

1. Fixing our funeral director fees at today’s prices.

No matter how much rates rise in the future, our professional fees are guaranteed. This doesn’t include third parties like cemeteries or crematoria, but with a generous sum also put aside for these costs, along with flowers or transport, families can save significant sums with a funeral plan.

2. Removing the burden from my family.

With few people prepared or able to cover the cost of a loved one’s funeral, you are enabling your loved ones to focus on saying goodbye rather than worrying about funeral costs. As one of our clients put it, “It’s one of the last acts of parenting.”

3. Clarifying my decisions and choices.

Having a plan to follow also removes the pressure from families who may spend unnecessary time debating the merits of flowers, music, coffins or service options. Setting out your wishes enables them to focus on saying goodbye and ensures you get exactly what you wanted – right to the last detail.

4. Managing End of Life Finances

With the cost of care rising for the elderly and other dependents, funeral plans allow families, guardians and executors to put the money aside for a future date. This is a safe and secure way of saving while other assets may be used towards care needs today.

Free plans of wishes are also a great way of planning ahead and just one of the many free resources available from local funeral director, William Purves. You can pick up a checklist to start your own plan from Dalkeith (1 Eskbank Road) or Penicuik (42a John Road) or go online to

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