Funding for Midlothian towns approved

Friday February 26th 2021

Jarnac Court

Written by Midlothian View Editor, Phil Bowen

A number of local improvement projects in Midlothian have been given the go-ahead with funding from the Scottish Government’s Town Centre Capital Fund.

£331,000 has been earmarked for the projects, which were agreed at a meeting of the full Council held on Tuesday. They include regeneration work at Jarnac Court, Dalkeith (£160,000); improvements at Welfare Park, Newtongrange (£130,000); the provision of additional litter and salt bins across Midlothian (£34,700) and new lighting at Ironmills, Dalkeith (£6000).

The regeneration of Jarnac Court is aimed at helping revitalise Dalkeith town centre and will include painting work, improved lighting, new seating and paving repairs. At Ironmills, two additional street lights will be installed on a remote footpath leading to premises there, to improve safety and security.

At Welfare Park in Newtongrange, a new play area will be provided, along with new lighting and pathway improvements.

A new style of street litter bin – designed to properly capture litter and reduce the potential for wind-blown waste – will be installed at locations across Midlothian. More salt and grit bins will also be provided to help communities deal with winter weather conditions.

Contracts for the work will be awarded by the end of next month, with all four projects due to be completed by September.

Projects that were not selected were a Multi-Tech Bus (£160,000), Penicuik Town Hall Public Realm & Insulation (£175,000) and Community Re-use Cabin in Newtongrange (£10,000).

Jarnac Court Regeneration – Dalkeith £160,000

The regeneration of Jarnac Court aims to revitalise the town centre of Dalkeith, encouraging and
attracting residents and visitors to the area.

The project will consist of painting the existing coloured panels of adjacent Eskdail Court flats in vibrant colours associated with Dalkeith’s coat of arms.

– Canopies of shop premises will have energy saving LED down lighters added to provide illumination to the shop frontages.

– Shelter(s) will be added to existing seating arrangements to encourage use during hot/wet weather episodes and maintain a presence to the area.

– A seating construction will circle the existing tree to the front of the court.

– Two portable wireless CCTV units will cover the area to provide a deterrence and also provide confidence to those attending.

– New, attractive lighting columns will replace 8 existing columns.

– The Yorkstone paving river will be repaired with appropriate quarry materials.

– Coats of Arms of both Dalkeith and Jarnac will adorn the overlooking wall of the adjacent building and be illuminated at night.

– Uplighters and downlighters across the court area will add a continental plaza look and feel to the area, to complement the purchase and periodic erection of market stalls to promote local businesses.

Together with paralleled other potential projects including public Wi-Fi to Jarnac Court and electric bikes station, this regeneration project should coincide with wider developments and promote Jarnac Court across the county and beyond.

Welfare Park – Newtongrange £130,000

Welfare Park in the centre of Newtongrange, is surrounded by shops and housing properties on all sides. The aesthetic enhancement of Welfare Park, is aimed at assisting residents to traverse and utilise the park in linking to the shops, bolstering the local economy.

The project will consist of improving the lighting within the park, ensuring all paths are effectively illuminated, together with pathway improvements and a children’s play area create a safe space for locals and visitors to enjoy the outdoors.

Litter & Salt Bins – Pan Midlothian £34,687

Funding for an initiative to increase bins/bin capacity in all towns in Midlothian.

The project will introduce a new universal bin model – designed to properly capture litter placed within the bin – reducing the potential of wind-blown litter waste. The project’s aim is to keep town centres looking better, attracting greater footfall and new business start-ups.

Ironmills Lighting Project £6,000 Dalkeith

The installation on 2 additional street lighting units on the remote footpath to the dance school (previous pavilion/council tenanted), this will involve the installation of 2 x 5m lighting columns, LED lighting and associated cable network.

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