Melville Housing to invest £1.65m improving tenants’ homes

Wednesday March 8th 2023


Written by Midlothian View Reporter, Luke Jackson

Melville Housing Association, Midlothian’s largest Registered Social Landlord, is to invest £1.65m in improvements to tenants’ homes over the next 12 months beginning in April this year.

Investment in the new financial year, funded entirely from rental income, will see the replacement of 245 central heating systems, bathrooms and kitchens as well as paying for new roofs and doors.

“Despite rising costs caused by a number of factors, we are pleased with our home improvement programme for the coming year,” said Rich Murdoch, Melville’s Head of Asset Management.

“Our investment plans are paid for through the money we receive from rents and this year’s 2% increase, while in no way matching inflation, allows us to continue improving homes at a sustainable rate.

“Conditions continue to be challenging and are likely to remain so for some time to come, however sensible but at the same time ambitious plans will help us get through this tough period and continue to provide ever-improving homes at affordable rent levels.”

This year’s home improvement programme builds on the successes of recent years which, since 2018, has seen new kitchens fitted in more than a quarter (550) of Melville homes.

Details of Melville’s 2023/24 planned maintenance programme are currently being finalised. All Melville tenants due a home upgrade will be contacted closer to the time. Details will also be available online through the tenant zone section of Melville’s website.

A breakdown of Melville’s £1,645,635 planned maintenance budget for 2023/24 shows

– £512,924 on roofs

– £322,289 on 80 heating systems

– £316,603 on 79 bathrooms

– £299,938 on 86 kitchens

– £193,881 on 123 doors

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