Midlothian MP backs It’s Your Money campaign

Tuesday April 25th 2023


Written by Midlothian View Reporter, Luke Jackson

Local MP, Owen Thompson, is taking a stand against the rising energy costs and unfair treatment many constituents face from their energy suppliers.

Today the MP for Midlothian attended a cross-party event hosted by SNP MP Drew Hendry.

At the event, Mr Thompson supported the “It’s Your Money” campaign, which addresses energy-related challenges faced by people living in Midlothian.

The MPs say energy suppliers have a history of withholding credit balances and raising direct debit levels unnecessarily. These practices tend to impact the most vulnerable members of society. By supporting Drew Hendry MP’s “It’s Your Money” Campaign, Mr Thompson is working to make a difference for people living across Midlothian.

During the parliamentary event he participated in discussions about the campaign and explored ways to collaborate with other MPs to help those most impacted by these unfair practices.

The Members hopes that by attending the event, they can work with others to create a fairer and more transparent energy supply sector, while raising awareness about the issues.

Owen Thomson said, “Taking part in this energy fairness event earlier this week was a great opportunity to join forces with cross-party MPs to discuss ways to tackle energy-related challenges people living across Midlothian are facing.

“Whether it is energy suppliers holding on to customers’ money or raising direct debit levels without reason, it’s clear that there are working practices in this sector that do not serve the best interests of consumers.

“To make matters worse, the most vulnerable in our community are most affected by these practices. Without intervention, energy suppliers will continue withholding consumers’ money and impose unnecessary financial burdens.

By supporting the “It’s Your Money” campaign, Mr Thompson hopes to create a more transparent and fair energy supply sector, ultimately providing affected constituents with the financial relief they deserve and encourages constituents to stay informed about the progress of this campaign to ensure everyone gets a fair deal from energy suppliers.

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