My take on the General Election

Tuesday November 26th 2019


Christine Grahame MSP writes her monthly column for Midlothian View.

Isn’t this just madness having a General Election in this dark dreich weather and so close to Christmas?

At the same time it’s business as usual at the Scottish Parliament but I have been with Owen Thompson on some events with me: the most recent being to the Storehouse in Penicuik and to meet the team at Skyrora in Loanhead-young dynamic and right into satellite launches.

Friday past I was sitting as usual in Penicuik Tesco with Councillor Debbi McCall at one of my open surgeries meeting and speaking to folk in the real world away from telly debates with real problems.

As for those telly debates TV even I got up (not when you were on Nicola) to feed the cat and make a cup of tea. I pity my English relatives with the Hobson’s choice they have: Boris or Jeremy.

I’m sorry Jo but your proclamation that you were campaigning to be the next PM was ludicrous. As for your “revoke” pledge- well talk about shooting yourself further in the foot.

But they are useful for one thing; it gives you a glimpse into the personality of the leaders and sometimes a booboo happens: Jo, in a heartbeat,“ yes I would press the nuclear button” Boris, well he plays to his caricature, from bumbling to humour to obfuscation to the ruffleness of his signature hair. Mind you speaking of hair what right have I to comment? Jeremy, with his glasses carefully set slightly off centre tries to portray worthiness, honesty, a man of the people, of those with allotments and those without and speaking of allotments, has rebadged “sitting on the fence” as “neutrality”.

Wonder then what would be the position of members of the Corbyn cabinet? Remain or Brexit or a reinforced fence?

Jo, well I’m afraid the personality polls are right, every time she appears her voice with that hybrid accent (from where?) reminds me not so much of Head Girl but finger nails on a blackboard. Sorry sisters but there it is.

Promises ? Well even magical Santa couldn’t deliver those. The WASPI women are the most recent to be insulted by a promise of compensation. This stinks of desperation by Labour which didn’t have it in its Manifesto.

Polls are seeing Labour sink so knowing they could be going down big time funny money is being plucked from their funny money forest. The Tories, well they are promising Scotland the earth: money for this that and oatcake( well actually not oatcakes). Scotland was here before a couple of centuries back –sic a parcel o’ rogues etc.

As for the Lib Dems well the least said the better, especially Willie “Mr Benn” Rennie. Really, I’m doing them a favour.

All, all of them have one grand plan in common: to thwart Scotland having a choice to determine whether or not in becomes an Independent nation. So much for democracy. At the very least whether you are yes or no to Independence, we in Scotland have a right to choose. Choice that’s all. That’s why, not just on our record: Free Personal Care, Free Prescriptions, no tuition fees, Concessionary Bus Pass, mitigating Tory austerity it all adds up to a vote for Owen and the SNP on December 12th.

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