Oh, How Loved You Are: A Journey to Adoption

Sunday April 23rd 2023


Written by Midlothian View Editor, Phil Bowen

Oh, How Loved You Are takes you and your looked after child on a journey from Tummy Mummy right through foster care and into the transition of adoption and permanency.

It explores the emotions and feelings the child may have and how loved the child was on their journey to finding their forever home.

Perfect for foster carers to read with their looked after child, this book allows them to make sense of their own story, and why them came into foster care. It highlights that the child’s story has a beginning before being placed into care, and continues to explore the fun the child brought to the foster home without shying away from exploring difficult feelings and emotions encountered along the way.

This child focussed book gives way for exploration and acceptance of the child’s own unique story and giving them the room to navigate the tricky feelings that come with the transition period as they move out of care and into permanency.

Identifying feelings and talking about them not only empowers the child, but naturally encourages conversations, and acceptance, about what is happening and why things are changing.

You will laugh and you will cry reading this beautiful resource and more importantly, give children in care a chance to be seen and heard as well as recognise that they were so incredibly loved along the way.

Jacqui Hutchinson is a foster carer in the West-Midlands, UK. Along with her husband, Jacqui is an active foster carer of 5 years and they have 2 of their own, biological children; all three of which were her biggest fans as she wrote and developed the characters for this book.

Together, the family have welcomed numerous children into their home, some of whom have experienced reunification, others who have been placed with family members as well as guiding a small few through the process of transitioning into adoption.

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