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Tuesday April 18th 2017

Scottish Labour Local Elections 2017 Adam Montgomery

Adam Montgomery – Penicuik

My campaign, PENICUIK LABOUR – PENICUIK FIRST, is based on my commitment to our community over 4 decades and a record of delivery for all people and groups during my time as a councillor.
Over the years I have been involved in delivering around £40 million of investment into our town including:
– The Penicuik Leisure Centre
– New Cuiken and Strathesk primary schools.
– New council housing at Ladywood & Cuiken
– Refurbishment of the Town Hall
– Public park improvements
– Stadium for Penicuik Athletic
– Astro turf pitch
– Floodlights for Penicuik Rugby Club & Penicuik Athletic
– Floodlit skate park
– Replacement roofs for Beeslack and Penicuik High schools
– Bog Road changing rooms
– Goals for Penicuik Athletic Youth FC
– Funds for the tennis courts at the YMCA

Recently I have committed my local funding to outdoor fitness facilities at Cornbank and Sacred Heart Primary Schools and emergency grant aid to Marchburn Playgroup when the current administration cut their grant.

I am on the management committee of the Broomhill Day Centre and have been involved with this excellent organisation since 1986 when I was first elected.

Coaching an Eskmill Boys Club football team for 10 years was really enjoyable as was 2 years with a team from Penicuik High.

At present the plan is that Beeslack High will be re-sited nearer to Loanhead and I am stating clearly that that this is unacceptable. The school should be rebuilt on site with pupils being relocated to Penicuik High if necessary and if I am re-elected I will continue to put this forward.

At my request Heriot Watt University carried out a detailed study on the feasibility of a Penicuik rail link and I will continue to campaign for this much needed public transport provision, which would greatly reduce congestion and pollution on the roads to and from our town .

I have lived in Penicuik for 36 years with my 3 children attending primary & secondary schools here while my wife was born in our town – I HAVE PENICUIK IN MY HEART AND SOUL and I am proud to represent our community – It would be a privilege to continue to do so.

Scottish Labour Local Elections 2017 Bryan Pottinger

Bryan Pottinger – Midlothian South

I have lived in Midlothian all my life, and for the past 30 years, my wife, Michelle and I have lived in the same Newtongrange house. I have years of experience in the private sector followed by commitment to the voluntary sector and anti-poverty project work as well as 14 years as a Midlothian Councillor.

I believe in always being a strong advocate for my constituents, pro-active with and for Community Groups. I am passionate about protecting our much needed services and facilities in our community.

I am hoping that I can once again give further dedicated service for Newtongrange, Temple & Carrington and also including serving North Middleton and the growing town of Gorebridge, although the last five years has been in opposition I have managed to support the area and hope to do so much more with Labour back in power again in Midlothian

Always active and focussed on my Communities with my best attendance and support to the Newtongrange Community Council & to the Children’s Gala day Committee, where I was particularly pleased to deliver a safe and much needed “crowning area” in our park in time for their historic gala day centenary 2013.

I’m always constantly supporting our fantastic community spirit. I have championed environmental improvements in Newtongrange, worked extensively with local groups and organisations to develop our area (Newtongrange in particular). There is a large task ahead for Newtongrange Town Centre to have a real positive regeneration plan and it needs experienced and committed Councillors to move this agenda forward in real effective partnership with all the stakeholders and our Community.

Finally, some see all elections as being about national or constitutional matters, perhaps they are uncomfortable about being judged on their local record. I know if you elect a Labour Councillor you get a local Community Champion and these Local Elections should be about our local issues such as Council services, housing, schools, health services, and good local jobs.

Scottish Labour Local Elections 2017 Jim Muirhead

Jim Muirhead – Midlothian South

I have lived here all my life and I care passionately about Gorebridge and the wider Midlothian area. We have been dealt some bad hands over the years with the decline in mining and other industries. It has not been easy to deal with the aftermath of this and to adjust to a different future for our town.

I have represented Gorebridge on the Council since 2003. I was shocked when I visited Gorebridge Primary School shortly after that so see the appalling state of the buildings, which had changed little in the 30 odd years since I had attended there. I made it a priority to make sure that this was to make sure that children in Gorebridge were being educated in buildings that were fit for purpose. We now have 5 new schools in the Gorebridge area that help to give our kids the best start in life.

The next step needs to be a new High School for the Gorebridge area.

We also had pockets of serious anti-social behaviour and drug dealing. I was involved in finding ways of dealing with this and eventually the Council decided to pay for an additional 14 front line police officers dedicated to fighting these issues in co-operation with the Council. This showed great progress until funding was withdrawn at the start of April by the SNP administration, taking all 14 officers away. This is one of the craziest decisions the Council has ever taken and If elected I will fight to have this vital service re-instated.

I am a firm believer in a person’s right to have a home that they can afford. Building Council housing is a vital part of that. Labour built almost 900 new council houses in the last 5 years we were in charge, almost 250 in Gorebridge. The SNP have built only 188 in the last 5 years. Labour will build up to another 1,000 over the next 5 years and we will make sure these are let to hard pressed local families who can look after them.

If re-elected on 4th May I will continue to do my best for the people of Gorebridge and the rest of Midlothian South.

Scottish Labour Local Elections 2017 Derek Milligan

Derek Milligan – Bonnyrigg

After 5 years running Midlothian Council the SNP/Green budgets have left the Council’s finances in a mess, spending over £4 million more than it has coming in and facing upto £40 million of further cuts from Scottish and British governments over the next 5 years.

As the SNP/ Green budget used up all available reserves (Council savings) to fill the budget gap this year, and with no means to raise significant additional finance, there is an urgent need to fight the cuts or reduce spending by an estimated £12 million by the end of 2017.

As you can imagine this will have a serious impact on all local Council services. It is time to stop the meaningless consultations and start doing what is right for those that need help most.

If I am re-elected I will fight against the government cuts and protect funding for services most in need.

Scottish Labour Local Elections 2017 Louie Milliken

Louie Milliken – Bonnyrigg

My name is Louie Milliken and I am 41 years old. I live in Bonnyrigg and I am married to Neil and we have 4 daughters attending local schools and university. We are also a fostering family. I have worked with children and early years for last 12 years. I was a childminder for 10 years before becoming a foster carer. I am also an early year’s practitioner. I have an HNC in early years and childcare and I am currently in my last year of my degree studying my BA Childhood Practice.

I am also chairperson of Bonnyrigg events committee who organise the xmas lights ceremony every year and I can be found on the stage with the chosen children who are switching the lights on. I enjoy working in the community, our community and if elected would be proud to stand up and represent all the people who make up our fantastic towns.

I have worked with Bright Sparks additional needs group and have fundraised for Bonnyrigg Rose football team and Lasswade Primary School over the years. I have also fundraised for Richmond Hope Bereavement Charity who are much needed in our community.

I decided to stand for election as I feel I have a lot to contribute to the area and I will stand up and fight for my community. I am fully aware of challenges faced by families every day.

For me, community means everything.

Scottish Labour Local Elections 2017 John Hackett

John Hackett – Midlothian East

Born and raised in Australia, I immigrated to Scotland 12 years ago, settling to Midlothian in 2008. I live in the local Ward with my partner and our two daughters Rosie and Ellie who both attend King’s Park Primary School.

I am passionate about our local area and have a strong track record of working with others to deliver improvements in our communities.
I am one of twelve Community Councillors on the Eskbank and Newbattle Community Council, representing resident’s views on issues such as planning, traffic management, the environment and other local issues. Prior to this role I was Chairman of the Dalkeith & District Community Council for two years.

I am Vice Chair and former Treasurer of One Dalkeith, a new initiative to create a Community Development Trust for the communities of Woodburn, Dalkeith, Eskbank and Newbattle. Through One Dalkeith I have worked in partnership with other local volunteers, council officers, local businesses and other organisations to deliver community events and local improvements.

I joined the Board of Melville Housing Association in 2013. Melville has nearly 2000 housing units in Midlothian and Lanarkshire, managing a Turnover of around £8-10 million per year. I contribute to the strategic decision making of the Association, working in partnership with other Board Members and staff. Prior to joining Melville, I have almost ten years experience working for a range of housing, social work and community service organisations.
In 2014 I worked with local residents to establish MIDSAFE, a community group campaigning and advising residents on Community Safety and Crime Prevention issues.

I have worked for UNISON Scotland since 2008 as a Regional Officer. I work closely with people employed in local government, NHS, the community and voluntary sector and other vital public services. In my role I support local trade union members, lead negotiations on pay and conditions and campaign for improvements to our local services.

With 20 years of experience volunteering in the community and labour movement, I believe I have the right skills and experience to be a strong voice for the residents of Midlothian East. If elected in May, I am committed to working closely with local residents to make real improvements to our local communities.

Scottish Labour Local Elections 2017 Margot Russell

Margot Russell – Dalkeith

I have served on Midlothian Council since 1999 and served as Depute Provost for 9 years.

My public duty has extended beyond local government. I sit on the Committees of Dalkeith Welfare Hall, Dalkeith Festival, Midlothian Voluntary Action and Midlothian Advice and Resource Centre.

I set up the Bill Russell Woodburn Youth Project in 2007 which offers somewhere for young people to a drop in and get involved in some activities which I think is very important.

I feel that I have made a difference during my time in local government and I hope to be re-elected to serve another term of office.

Scottish Labour Local Elections 2017 Stephen Curran

Stephen Curran – Dalkeith

I believe local councillors should be embedded in their communities. I’ve resided in Midlothian my entire life, living in Dalkeith for the past 8 years and Danderhall for my first 25 years, I’m now 44. I’m excited about the possibility of assisting constituents and working with community groups and local businesses to help improve our community and community facilities.

I also have a passion for digital inclusion and its importance in today’s society. I am very keen to explore what the council does with its redundant computer systems and digital devices. Could they be put to use within the local community to reduce digital exclusion? It’s not just politics; it’s about our communities too.

If elected, I will continue to engage with our communities to help make a positive difference to the quality of people lives.

Scottish Labour Local Elections 2017 Russell Imrie

Russell Imrie – Midlothian West

Midlothian Councillor since 1995

Midlothian West Councillor since the introduction of the multi-member ward system in 2007.

I have lived in the ward for the last 30 years with my family.

It has been a privilege to serve as your local councillor for the past 10 years. Local elections should be about local issues, such as housing, schools, our facilities and our communities.

The last five years has been one of frustration watching from the sidelines as piece by piece I witnessed the slow destruction of many of the services which had been of benefit to communities throughout Midlothian.

In my years as your elected representative I have always considered every issue to ensure that any decision taken is in the best interests of Midlothian West.

If relected I will continue to put your interests first and ensure that as the community grows the basic facilities are put in place to encourage social cohesion.

Scottish Labour Local Elections 2017 Stephen Blain

Stephen Blain – Midlothian West

I’m standing as a Labour Council Candidate because I believe we need strong representatives who are focussed on local issues to stand up for people in Midlothian West.

I have worked in the public, and private sectors for thirty years and I believe I bring a wealth of experience from these roles. I am passionate about local public services and I think it is vital that these should be sufficiently funded and resourced. I will be a strong local voice. I will work with all Councillors to build a consensus that benefits all of Midlothian’s people.

I will fight to get Bus services to be reinstated so that they benefit people in our rural communities such as Auchendinny. I will talk with bus companies to influence the development of services perform a social use, truly connecting people.

Since moving to Midlothian 12 years ago I have been involved with my community and was a committee member on the Poltonhall Community Council. In my time in Midlothian I have gone litter picking to help return Midlothian to its beautiful best and I have helped at a number of community events over the years.

At work I have been a UNISON Shop Steward representing staff in the public sector and served as Communications and Campaigns officer for Scotland.
The Council Elections on 4th May are about voting for local issues for local people.

If you vote for me you will have a local champion, a person who cares about our communities and who plays an active part in what happens within our local area. You will be voting for someone who shows dedication and who will fight for the things that matter to local people.

Midlothian people need Councillors who are dedicated to fighting for their local area above all else. Who will challenge those in power irrespective of party so that local people get the best deal possible.

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