Take That ‘Shine’ in Glasgow during their 2024 world tour

Monday May 6th 2024

Take That Glasgow 2024

Take That, performing Glasgow May 5th 2024

Written by Midlothian View Reporter, Rachel Bowen

The 90’s boy band, Take That have hit the roads once again. After starting their world tour ‘This Life,’ on the 13th April, they headed up to Scotland for the 3rd May, of which some found to be a more difficult task than others, with supporting act Olly Murs unable to make Friday night’s performance due to flight cancellations.

Nevertheless, Glasgow’s OVO Hydro, was filled with atmosphere, when Gary Barlow, Howard Donald and Mark Owen, returned to the stage after 5 years of not performing in Scotland. They expressed their gratitude for the atmosphere and support the Scots gave them, as they performed for the weekend of sold out shows.

Sunday Night (5th May 2024), saw Olly Murs work the crowd after becoming a dad in April to Madison Murrs. He had a variety of music, including his own, some covers and even a Take That song, which really got the crowd up and ready for a night of blasts from the past.

When Gary, Howard and Owen took to the stage, the crowd soared with excitement, despite the venue being relatively small, at a capacity of 14,300. The men started the show in classic all black outfits, soon switching to green, red and yellow outfits as they took the audience through the history and story of Take That, acting as if they were on a TV-set.

The music consisted of bringing back the classic 90s songs like ‘Sure’ and ‘Never Forget,’ as well as their more recent releases from their 2023 album ‘This Life’ such as as ‘Windows,’ before ending with ‘Rule the World,’ leaving the audience filled with emotions.

A particularly nice touch to the concert, was that each member performed their own songs, giving them a chance to connect with the audience once again. With Gary Barlow performing ‘Forever Love’ from his album ‘Open Road,’ as well as ‘Clementine’ being sung by Mark Owen, and ‘Speak Without Words’ by Howard Donald.

The performance brought back some classic dance moves, included multiple costume changes, and the use of two moving blocks of stairs, with members of the band playing instruments such as the guitar on different parts of the steps, whilst the singers ran, walked and danced up and down them.

Making sure to spend time with the crowd they made their way to the VIP section, as well as made their way to a smaller stage within the ground floor seating, to reach a smaller square stage, which was closer to the audience’s level, where they danced impressively in sync on a rotating circle.

When leaving the stadium, the crowd; majority middle aged women, left feeling uplifted, chatting in amazement and walking with smiles on their faces. Some, even began singing in the streets as they walked back in the mild evening air.

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