Thinking about selling a property in Dalkeith?

Tuesday November 13th 2018


Written by the Libermove Team

Thinking about selling a property in Dalkeith?

A new property platform has started up covering Dalkeith and the surrounding area. Unlike other property portals Libermove is trying to change the way people buy and sell property in Scotland. The market has gone online but high costs, a lack of real choice and inefficiencies remain.

Libermove is trying to address these problems with an innovative new concept.

If you have ever sold a property or have thought about it in the past you will know how difficult a decision it can be. Even before you decide to formally put your property on the market there are so many unknowns:

– Will my property sell?
– Will I get the price I want / need?
– What if I sell and I can’t find the required dream home?
– What agent should I use, should I go with an online agent to try and save money or should I go with a local traditional agent who knows the area?

These are just some of the unknowns potential sellers face when considering to sell a property.

The difficultly with the property market, particularly in Scotland with the requirement to commission a home report is there are significant upfront costs in putting your property on the market. Therefore, it can cost you literally thousands of pounds to find out answers to these questions.

Libermove has introduced a new “Open” status, which enables you to determine the interest in your property for free. You simply register your property on the platform giving as much information as you wish and receive feedback directly from potential buyers.

The advantages of this are:
– It’s free
– It’s instant
– No contract or commitment to sell your property
– Gives you control and provides real choice – once you’ve received feedback on the saleability of your property you decide how to proceed. Having information direct from the market is invaluable particularly when deciding things like which agents to use.

Libermove is live in Dalkeith and keen to hear from people thinking about selling a property.

Visit to find out more or email them at

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